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1.17 Acheievment World

  • Posted on 08 June 21 at 22:12, Edited on 26 June 21 at 12:03 by MCPandagamerz
    I made an achievement world for the new update here:

    For PC: Download the world then open it to import the world.

    For Xbox: Download the world on PC, Android, Kindle Fire, or IOS and host the world then join the world on Xbox through LAN.

    For Android/Kindle Fire: Download the world and try to open it, if it opens the game and starts importing that's great but I usually have to try the latter. Move or copy the world from your downloads to the minecraftWorlds folder by going to your device storage then games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

    For IOS: Download the world and try to open it and it should start importing, if it doesn't I don't remember the process of moving so I'd recommend hosting the world through LAN on PC, Android or Kindle Fire.

    For Switch: The last time I checked this version is the only one that can't connect through LAN, you have to have Switch Online then connect to an alt account on your friends list hosting the world from PC. (You could also try on Android or Kindle Fire but I kept getting an error when I tried switching accounts.)

    Let me know if there's any other discoveries with importing worlds or things I may have missed. Enjoy your new achievements toast

    EDIT: I also recommend wherever you download the world to not play in the original, instead click the pencil next to the world then scroll down and copy it. Use the copies to get your achievements that way if you ever need to reset the world you can just make a new copy of the original instead of having to delete the world and redownload/import it again.

    EDIT 2: I have updated the world with command blocks to reset everything and added a few other things for convenience so now you won't have to make copies of the world or redownload it.
  • Posted on 08 June 21 at 22:18
    You legend!

    Thanks for sharing, will download after work.
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  • ProSauc3 IIProSauc3 II1,208,205
    Posted on 08 June 21 at 22:21
    I can confirm this works, just used it to pop the achievements. Thank you.
  • AceAce844,092
    Posted on 08 June 21 at 23:23
    Worked great, thanks!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 June 21 at 00:39
    Doesn't seem to work for iOS, however it worked for Kindle just fine.

    The achievement server didn't take into account that the rust on the copper increases and makes it impossible to do the achievement, private worlds immediately saw them pop for me.
  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,651,136
    Posted on 09 June 21 at 02:46
    Hardest part was working out how to download it! (There's a download icon in the top-right for google-drive illiterate people like me headspin)

    Excellent world. Thanks for sharing!
  • mrbellekmrbellek473,037
    Posted on 09 June 21 at 11:08
    Thanks! It worked great on the Win10 version, and I was also able to join on the Android version to complete the TU there as well. :)
  • AlahertAlahert1,335,667
    Posted on 09 June 21 at 17:32
    Got all achievements on both Windows 10 and Xbox, thanks for coming up with a world so quickly!
  • Martay28Martay281,074,502
    Posted on 09 June 21 at 20:43
    Perfect... Thanks mate toast
  • Posted on 09 June 21 at 21:58
    That was quite fast, thank you!
    Posted on 10 June 21 at 18:35
    So you can't join from ios and get the achievements on ios?
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  • Posted on 11 June 21 at 02:08
    C3LLDW3LLER said:
    So you can't join from ios and get the achievements on ios?
    IOS can join pretty much any platform hosting the world, I just didn't remember completely how to import worlds on IOS so I recommended hosting the world on another version then joining through LAN on IOS.
  • TehJofusTehJofus682,698
    Posted on 14 June 21 at 15:03
    On IOS, all I had to do…

    1) Click the link

    2) That automatically opened my Google Drive app, said the file was incompatible or something, ignore that

    3) Click the 3 dots in the top right, click open, select Minecraft

    Then the level imported automatically 👍🏻
  • Cable PlayerCable Player299,448
    Posted on 05 July 21 at 17:28
    Thank you
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