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Wishlist notifications

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  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 11 June 21 at 13:16

    With those 500+ games sales right now, I have plenty in my wishlist, but I never had the notification saying 'several games from your wishlist are in sales'. Usually, I have.

  • NutriWhipNutriWhip3,750,016
  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 11 June 21 at 16:41
    Thanks for the confirmation, NutriWhip, and for the link. I'm confused not having seen it, I guess I didn't search far enough in the threads.

    I said 'Usually, I have.', but I guess sometimes I don't pay attention, so it might be as frequent as you.
  • ShinnizleShinnizle1,773,792
    Posted on 17 June 21 at 15:46
    I don't know if they had any for this sale. I always get notifications for weekly sales, but even I didn't get one for the Deals Unlocked sale.
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  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 17 June 21 at 15:56
    Normally, when a game sees it's price discounted, TA's features know that and warn people who activated this option. Unlocked, Spring, Black Friday, or Countdown sales shouldn't make the difference, a sale is a sale.

    And that's too bad TA doesn't show the normal prices crossed out in the wishlist section with the discounted prices next to, because we have to look further more to see which titles are in sales.

    TA has such a potential, but lots of very useful and easy features to program are just not there. 😢
  • NutriWhipNutriWhip3,750,016
    Posted on 24 July 21 at 02:29, Edited on 24 July 21 at 02:30 by NutriWhip

    Bringing this back up because its happened again with the latest sale.
  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 24 July 21 at 02:35
    Don't bother, NutriWhip, they don't even read us... I have several bugs, ideas, suggestions to propose, but they never gave a reply or I don't want to lose my time writing them down. We can wonder why those bugs/wishlist/suggestions forums are there anyway...
  • Kornfan2007Kornfan2007451,842
    Posted on 24 July 21 at 09:35
    Hey all. Apologies for the delay. I have logged this for the devs to investigate.

    vegansound, we are tracking the reports here, it is just taking time to get through them all. I have recently been appointed Bug Reports Manager and I will keep going through all the requests here over time. Unfortunately due to the amount of reports to get through, it is just taking time.
  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 24 July 21 at 13:10
    Hi Korn. Okay, let's hope your presence can help things faster now. But you can't take away from me the fact that I proposed some easy and logical ideas to ease some things, and they were necer replied or in a negative way. My things implicated some filter features, and TA is all about filter features, so that' weird they don't accept some ideas. It reminds me of Microsoft with console dashboards: some very useful features disapeared and some useless ones appeared. cry
  • Kornfan2007Kornfan2007451,842
    Posted on 24 July 21 at 14:21
    Site Wishlist content is different to site bugs. There is a limited amount of dev time that can be assigned to stuff so no matter how good the idea is, it doesn't always mean there is time for it over other things happening. It also doesn't mean those won't get picked up down the line of course.
  • NutriWhipNutriWhip3,750,016
    Posted on 22 October 21 at 10:12, Edited on 22 October 21 at 10:14 by NutriWhip
    Bringing this back up as the saga continues with the latest Halloween sale. dive
  • NutriWhipNutriWhip3,750,016
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 05:37
    Been over a year now, all I know is pain. No notification again for the latest non-standard sale:

    Xbox Game Awards Sale now live
  • Posted on 17 December 21 at 11:03
    I would also appreciate this getting fixed
  • Posted on 17 December 21 at 11:58
    So annoying that this is still not fixed...
  • iCoV x JaRvOoiCoV x JaRvOo1,133,034
    Posted on 17 December 21 at 13:11
    Please fix this
    Posted on 18 December 21 at 02:53
    I only get the weekly sale notifications. With these massive sales, it would be even more helpful to get notified of wishlist items going on sale due to the sheer number of titles to sift through.
  • WicelowWicelow1,601,460
    Posted on 18 December 21 at 20:15
    Yep, notifications would be nice for special sales too.
    Thanks in advance TA !
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  • smrnovsmrnov5,936,098
    Posted on 21 December 21 at 14:26
    Honestly I would prefer just when I go to the main sales page to have a clickable "it's on my wishlist" filter. Sometimes stuff gets added mid-week (new releases) or special sales, and the wishlist notification is then missed.

    If we could just manually check all games on sale that are also on our wishlists, that would be ideal!
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,085,784
    Posted on 04 January 22 at 04:07
    I don’t even think I get weekly sale notifications anymore…
  • vegansoundvegansound1,071,204
    Posted on 04 January 22 at 05:01
    XI AlphaMale IX said:
    I don’t even think I get weekly sale notifications anymore…
    Same here. I haven't checked my part, maybe there are no game I want on sale this week, and so you don't as well?

    If indeed there's something you wanted and you haven't been notified, yes there's clearly a problem.
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