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    Posted on 20 June 21 at 15:18, Edited on 20 June 21 at 17:40 by planting42
    dive Bean Dive 12 has arrived!!! dive

    All good things come in twelves; Months, dozens of things, Days Of Christmas, Jaffa Cakes and now, your favourite dumb-ass, completion-percentage-ruining annual site event - The Bean Dive! Your back log needs you, so get to it! dive

    Here's everything you need to know: -

    The new hub is here: - Bean Dive 2021 where you can start your dive from.

    The functionality of the hub and how to take part in the event remain the same so I shall repost most of the stuff from last years FAQ: -

    When is Bean Dive 2021 happening?
    Officially, Bean Dive day is the 7th of July but we'd like as many people as possible to start on Friday, the 2nd of July 12:00 noon UTC and, if you can't start then, the 'Event' will continue until the 12th of July 12: noon UTC. You can still start a Dive after this point but it won't be included in the event stats.

    What is a Bean Dive?
    The idea invites you to put all those backlog games you own onto your tag by popping a single achievement in each (or try to pop an absolute minimum), so you can stop pretending that they don't exist. See the first thread about the Bean Dive.

    What’s the point?
    The idea behind it was to force you to play all those games you picked up in a sale or just never got around to playing. It also destroys your completion percentage. Hopefully, you'll take up the challenge to get it back up to it's pre-Dive glory before the next Dive rolls around. (You may accidentally get more than one achievement but this is ok.)

    How do I join in?
    -To start your Dive, simply press the Start My Dive button on the event page once the event begins.
    -This instantly starts Dive tracking and captures your stats at that exact moment.
    -When you start your Dive a 'Dive Started' message will appear in your feed.
    -ALL achievements in new games earned while Diving will be grouped into a single, expandable item on your feed.
    -You'll see a new 'Dive Summary' box on the right side of your home page, giving you various Dive-related information.
    (The Friend feed items and Summary box can all be turned off, if you want, by editing your Site Settings.)
    -All Dives will have their own Bean Dive page on the site which lists changes in stats and lists all the games Dived.
    -When you finish your Dive, go to that page and click 'Finish my Dive'.
    Do not press until all Dived games have scanned in or they won't be counted!
    -You'll get a 'Dive Finished' message on your feed, listing the number of games Dived and the completion percentage drop.
    -As you recover, you'll get milestones to say how far you've come and, when you return to your pre-Dive completion percentage, you'll get another feed message to congratulate you.
    -Be absolutely sure you've finished your dive before you press the FINISH button as all recorded stats will be reset if/when you decide to start another.

    What milestones do I get?
    Your Bean Dive recovery milestones will depend on how many achievements you require to recover your Dive. It works like this: -
    If you require less than 100, you get a single recovery FF message at 100% recovery.
    If you require 100 - 249, you'll get 2 recovery FF messages, one at 50% recovery and the other at 100% recovery.
    If you require 250 or more, you'll get 4 recovery FF messages, one for every 25% of recovery.

    I've finished my Dive and want to do another one
    You ridiculous fool! But, ok, you can start another by clicking the Start My Dive button again but, to stop people from spamming Dives, you'll be limited to 4 a year.

    More than 1 achievement popped when I started playing, does it still count?
    Yes. Although the idea is to pop as few achievements as possible and then move on to the next game, we know there are certain games where you can't help but pop multiple achievements when starting it, just try and keep it to a minimum, for maximum effect. 5 or more will prevent the game from being included in your dive stats.

    Is there a minimum amount of games I need to make it a Dive?
    No, not really, but to make it worthwhile, I'd say make it at least 10 if you can. You can only 'Dive' games you've never gotten an achievement in before. So, you cannot 'Dive' DLC if you've already gotten achievements in the main game.

    Beanpotter Disclaimer: - This event is intended for the immature and not of sound mind. Abandon all sense and reason before starting. Enjoy!
    Dive! Dive! Dive!
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