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    Posted on 27 June 21 at 17:00, Edited on 09 July 21 at 19:47 by planting42
    Hello and welcome to the newest site event - one that's been nearly 10 years in the making! We present to you, the Jake Jump! Inspired by an event suggestion from Clever Jake, the event was designed as a way to jumpstart your Bean Dive recovery as well as make use of those games that have been collecting dust.

    The point of the event is to refresh as many of your older games as you can. Points are awarded for their age. The older the game (meaning, the longer the time since the last unlock) the more points awarded. We aren't excluding anyone, so even games that were played recently (within the past year) are valid.

    You will have from the 12th of July at Noon UTC to August 2nd at Noon UTC to go through your gaming library and refresh as many games as you can. Hopefully, you'll find some hidden gems that you've overlooked for some time!

    Now to the finer details.

    How are points determined?
    Achievements are worth 1 base point each. This means games you've just dove are eligible for use. The achievement is worth 1 additional point for each year the game has sat untouched in the library; or in other words, the length of time since the last achievement was unlocked.

    Here's an example. My oldest game is Call of Duty 2. I only managed to complete training. My last unlock in that game was 30 March 08. Were I able to get one of them to unlock, it would be worth 14 points. 1 base point and 13 for the number of years since I last unlocked something in the game. Each additional unlock would only be worth 1 point since the game has been refreshed.

    When does registration close?
    Registration is open for the entirety of the event.

    How do I sign up?
    Visit the Jake Jump Hub and use the ‘Register Now’ button.

    Are there any restrictions on entering?
    No, anyone can participate so long as your profile is on Full Tracking. Even refreshing just one game will count as participation. Completing the Community Challenge will require several newer games or a smaller deep dive into the dark realms of your library. The choice is yours!

    Where can I find my oldest untouched games?
    Once you register, you will see a sidebar for the event. Click the Gamer Progress button to see your top 10 oldest games. See your Homepage Settings to make sure the Contest Panel isn't set to Hidden if you can't find it. Click the 'Gamer Progress' button to open the page that will track what you've unlocked as well as show the top 10 games that are worth the most points.

    For the older platforms (Xbox 360, GfWL, Windows Phone, etc...) when viewing your Game Collection without the event filter, that field will report the last played date for the most part. I found my list to be a bit wonky. It does give you a good idea of your last unlock. For those platforms, please double check on the game page itself to verify when your last unlock was.

    To sort your collection by Last Unlock:

    First, open your Game Collection.
    Click the 'View and Filter' button.
    Click 'List view' (as 'Image view' won't show these fields.)
    Tick the 'Last unlock' checkbox on the right side under the 'Columns' header.
    In the collection itself, click the 'Last Unlock' a couple of times to sort by that filter.

    What achievements count?
    For this contest, only online achievements (this means with time stamps) earned in games will be valid. Anything earned while offline (no time stamp) will not count towards your achievement accumulation for the contest nor will application achievements that have a gamerscore equal to zero or no gamerscore. If the only achievements earned in a game are offline unlocks, the event sees the game as new, meaning, 1 achievement for the 1st new achievement.
    Every achievement is worth at least 1 point.

    Do my achievements need to just be earned or do they have to be scanned onto the site to count?
    Achievements must be scanned onto the site for them to be counted towards the event. There is no automatic scan at the end.

    Is there a Community Challenge attached to this event?
    Yes! For those looking to add to their Community Challenge total, the challenge for this event will be to earn a minimum of 40 points.

    I have questions. Where can I ask them?
    Feel free to ask questions, help other Jumpers or offer feedback here:
    Jake Jump - Discussion Thread
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