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Xbox sale round-up: July 27th, 2021

  • RarePresenceRarePresence479,360
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 09:20
    Yeeeeeeeeeerrrr heliborne on sale..........wait 17 unobtainable achievements pass.
  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n1,819,248
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 10:16
    Truderbrook is fucking finally on sale and wow what a discount!
  • ArkhaneyArkhaney453,604
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 10:20
    Donut County for me! Never seen it on sale before, so I better grab it now 😁
  • Ariose999Ariose999649,382
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 10:30
    Let them fix Just Cause 4 on Series X first!
  • Posted on 28 July 21 at 02:38
    Just Cause 4? Complete Edition? Play Anywhere? Under 20 AUD?

    the forums on this site are so ignored and outdated, it makes the WWF forums from the 90s look good.
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,645,331
    Posted on 28 July 21 at 17:32
    Probably pick up Conga Master and Rogue Stormers for those discounts.

    Into the ever growing backlog anyways.
  • Posted on 28 July 21 at 17:34
    shame there isnt anything really I would get, I already own the Tomb raider games. I think two have been free with gold before. But very cheap if u dont own and are great fun
  • YazFromAlcatrazYazFromAlcatraz1,769,195
    Posted on 30 July 21 at 01:01
    Baby Sheamus said:
    Don't sleep on Handball 21.
    I agree about Handball 21. I just started it today and it's the best handball game of the 4 Handball games I have played across Xbox platforms so far. For people looking for easy achievements, over 550 gamerscore can be earned in the game by simulating with the best team in each of the leagues or cups pretty easily. I only had to resim one league where I didn't get it on my 1st go around and earned it on my 2nd try. All other league achievements I was able to simulate on my 1st try. The menu mechanics are very similar to Rugby 18 and 20 from what I can see. If you guys are willing to dish out $19.99 and want 500 easy gamerscore from simulating then pick up Handball 21. I'm enjoying it so far!
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