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Easy Gamerscore: The 12 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

  • CanezzaCanezza220,033
  • Gertle627Gertle6271,039,747
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 19:05
    The 8 controller achievement is only worth 20 gs, so it still looks like an easy 980 if you're not a completionist
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 28 July 21 at 00:20, Edited on 28 July 21 at 02:21 by
    If you don't have 8 One/Series controllers but you do have a lot of old 360 or third party junk pads laying around, you could run The Blobs Fight! via Remote Play on Windows 10 and sign the dummies in on your computer. You're going to need to do this on your One or One X though. It won't connect to Series X for some reason -- least, I couldn't get it working.
  • Posted on 28 July 21 at 04:42
    Wow! How does that 8 controller achievement only have a 1.5 ratio?!
    I don't know many people who have more than 2 controllers, maybe 4 at most if you count old rhythm game peripherals.
  • Maw N PawMaw N Paw1,268,880
    Posted on 28 July 21 at 06:46
    With regards to the 8 player achievement, it may be worth getting a group of friends to bring their controllers over. That's my intention.
    There is always a way.
  • Baby SheamusBaby Sheamus1,691,064
    Posted on 28 July 21 at 07:53
    Donut County is a nice little experience.
  • HyperglideHyperglide469,041
    Posted on 28 July 21 at 21:52
    Gorogoa and Donut County look like must buys to me. Heard good things about them.
  • UsCanAdamUsCanAdam280,741
    Posted on 30 July 21 at 01:12
    Gorogoa is coming to GamePass. It was announced today during AnnaPurna stream
  • g t ag t a115,861
    Posted on 10 November 21 at 06:03
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