Game Discussion: Where the Snow Settles

100% linear game with zero missable achievements

  • The CherishedThe Cherished1,184,995
    Posted on 27 July 21 at 22:51
    Just an FYI for everyone: all the achievements in this game are story related. There are no collectibles or any other kind of achievements, simply walk from Point A to Point B and you'll have your full 1000G in this third person walking simulator.

    I guess technically there is a boss battle, but all it consists of is walking to one of three columns near the boss, clicking on it, clicking on the boss, then clicking the next column, etc etc repeat two more times.
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,168,489
    Posted on 14 September 21 at 04:16
    You are both a gentleman and a scholar.
    "It's not that I can, and others can't. It's that I will, and others won't."
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