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Buggy Achievement?

  • LypruckLypruck118,385
    Posted on 17 January 22 at 00:45
    I began this game with a friend few days ago and i didn't see the report of buggy achievements on TA before, my bad...
    So, for me, it's all the achievement which ask to unlock each vehicle of the game. My friend unlocked these achievement and not me...

    Any idea please ?
    Same, I have everything other than two of the vehicle achievements and they did not unlock for me; I don't want to lose my save data as I have the UFO but I keep reading that deleting and restarting potentially fixes it :/.
  • Posted on 22 January 22 at 18:55
    Yeah, you're right Lypruck. Thanks.

    I erased my save and host the party this time. And all the achievements which are missing, finally unlocked.
    Next time, before beginning a game, I'll search more informations on TA.
    Between the bug with achievements and all problemes with the controls and the game itself, i don't understand how this game arrived on the store...
  • Nave SutlefNave Sutlef123,116
    Posted on 08 July 22 at 16:19
    Kind of regretting loading this game up now.. damn.
  • count023count023853,035
    Posted on 26 December 22 at 07:37
    Anyone got any deets on fixing the 100 deliveries achievement? I've done all the deliveries (was playing local only, so i'm host? I think). I've got 95/100 on the achievement though I've finished all of them. Will any of the DLC achievements up the counter too or do i have to restart?
    Posted on 31 December 22 at 04:32
    I just finished and only played Local as well and had no issues. I think you can unlock the DLC and it counts...I did not unlock them or try that but it's worth a shot!
    Posted on 31 December 22 at 04:33
    Nevermind, I see you unlocked it already...
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