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Question about ultimate ability

  • DeadMasterIDeadMasterI1,146,635 1,146,635 GamerScore
    Posted on 30 July 21 at 02:24
    So I just beat the Sea of blood boss in the new title update and seen you unlock a new perk so to speak that you can toggle via main menu when picking difficulty.

    Just for fun I enabled it on lethal difficulty and come to realize if you hit down on your controller you turn into Mr invulnerability. Couldn't die whatsoever.

    So I was just wondering if this game was made easy agian for anyone who missed out on the achievement list change a while back.
  • FejerFejer1,293,545
    Posted on 30 July 21 at 05:25
    Yes, it seems like it. With tbe new invulnerability modifier called "Heartblood" which you unlock after defeating the last boss of the Title Update DLC, it is much easier tto earn the difficult achievements from the main game.

    Yesterday I went through "Extreme" mode and "Easy" mode with the invulnerability modifier and unlocked the 2 achievements without any issues:
    Cold SilencePantomimeThe Pantomime achievement in Cold Silence worth 26 pointsOn "easy", run from chapter 1 to the end. No damage. No heals.

    Cold SilenceTrue EndThe True End achievement in Cold Silence worth 27 pointsComplete Chapter 6 at least in "extreme" game mode.

    On the other hand the achievements from the "Creator's Challenge" update are just as difficult as before, since now the "Creator's Challenge" is also a modifier once you unlock it and you can only activate 1 modifier at a time.
    Creator's Challenge for Cold Silence
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