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Xbox walkthroughs published — July 1st to 31st

  • Posted on 02 August 21 at 16:11
    thanks everyone for putting in time
  • Posted on 02 August 21 at 17:11
    Thank you to everyone who contributes to these, y'all are the real MVP's!
  • ComicKaze23ComicKaze23350,476
    Posted on 10 August 21 at 09:22
    PrinceRules64 said:
    You have put out a complete Raji walkthrough already? And it even includes the infinite skill points workaround? Wonderful! Thank you ComicKaze23 (Owner) and Yinga Garten (Overseer)!

    I completed it on Switch already and wanted to play it as soon as I saw it was added to the Gamepass catalogue, but I was thinking of holding off because of the skill points issue, and holding my breath for the upcoming Enhanced Edition (expected around the end of this year).

    However this walkthrough tempts me to just play it now and re-play again when the free enhancements are out.
    Hey, glad to be of assistance. It was my first shot at writing a walkthrough and I'm super happy that people gave the game a try because of it. smile
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