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Achievements are broken?

  • TempolarityTempolarity293,773
    Posted on 10 August 21 at 16:19
    I was unable to get the Uncaged and Rat Whisperer Achievements while playing through the game, although I fulfilled the conditions for obtaining them. Restarting DiagTrack in Task Manager does not help. What to do?
  • OcticismOcticism79,361
    Posted on 24 November 21 at 15:31, Edited on 24 November 21 at 19:59 by Octicism

    I ran into this same issue. I don't know if we were having the exact same problem, as I see you managed to unlock two achievements, whereas I could not unlock any. Regardless, I have found a way to fix my issue, which may fix yours as well. I believe it involves manually forcing an update to the systems responsible for PC Xbox achievements.

    Step 1: Close the game
    Step 2: Completely shut down the Xbox app and make sure it isn't running in the background
    Step 3: Search for the Run command or just push Windows Key + R
    Step 4: Type "services.msc" and hit enter, a long list of local services will open in alphabetical order
    Step 5: Scroll down to "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry"
    Step 6: Right-click, open properties, on the first page beside "Startup type:" ensure "Automatic" is selected
    Step 7: Under that, make sure the "Service status:" is selected to "Running" then click "OK" at the bottom
    Step 8: Scroll to the end of the services list, select "Xbox Live Auth Manager" and repeat steps 6 and 7
    Step 9: Finally, find "Xbox Live Networking Service" nearby on the list and repeat steps 6 and 7 once again
    Step 10: Close the window and restart your PC

    Once your computer restarts and the desktop finishes loading, you may actually see all your missing achievements pop up and unlock one by one. But if it is a lot of achievements, you may not see them unlock at all. Regardless, open your Xbox app, go to your profile and check to make sure the achievements unlocked. Now, in my case, this is not a permanent fix. Each time I want to unlock a group of achievements for this game, I have to go into the services list again. But you do not need to go into the properties of each of the 3 specified services after you changed them to "Automatic" and "Running" the first time. Instead, just right-click on each of the 3 services and select "Restart," then restart your PC.

    So that is my experience and my fix. Hopefully it helps you and anyone else.
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