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The grind is real: 20 achievements that are an absolute slog

  • Posted on 15 September 21 at 13:01
    I feel like the entire site has forgotten "Armored Core For Answer" even exists.
  • DefEdgeDefEdge932,600
    Posted on 22 September 21 at 12:00
    I loved Armored Core. Too bad I wasn't any good at it.
    Phear my Uber Gimpyness!
  • TrombonafideTrombonafide1,216,430
    Posted on 22 September 21 at 17:30
    ALoneWolf42 said:
    I must've read this article last month and thought "Huh, I haven't played Dynasty Warriors 8 in a while". That's my only explanation for spending 56 hours since last week trying to chip away at these insane achievements.
    I love the Dynasty Warriors series. The achievements for DW8 are ridiculous. But then again, they were also ridiculous for DW6, WO2, WO3U, and the WO4U DLC.

    I love the games, but they keep hurting me.
  • boldfoxrdboldfoxrd436,960
    Posted on 15 November 21 at 23:57
    Bladder of steel. Thst couldn't have been done without help from my friend.

    Never again. Luckily I had a wired guitar. Surely no wireless controller could last that long.
    rdenton85 that is my ps3 id
  • DaigoroDaigoro358,649
    Posted on 16 November 21 at 09:25
    Bladder of Steel: "Our hearts go out to everyone who has missed out on this due to a controller disconnect, an accidental pause, or simply from underestimating Visions or Panic Attack and stumbling at practically the final hurdle."

    this was me years ago, on the LAST SONG of the setlist. in a moment of fatigue, our drummer whacked away at the drums like a loon in between songs and reset the whole shebang.

    we never went back for that achievement...
  • Posted on 27 March 22 at 17:23
    Infinite Undiscovery, the achievement where you have to beat the whole game and the bonus dungeon on the hardest difficulty level. It was worth 1 point, and took me almost a year just to get through the first chapter.
  • whateverkenwhateverken214,007
    Posted on 02 April 22 at 16:03
    Thanks for this article. Now I know what games to avoid so I don't go insane!
  • yossarianoyossariano424,967
    Posted today at 17:29
    Late to the party but regarding Star Renegades, the 100 victories on the PC version was cheeseable, you could just save the game before the final victory, then keep reloading and it would register as a win.

    I'm guessing the console / cloud syncing doesn't allow this?

    Kudo to the console guys (2) who've gone through a tough game 100 times.
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