Game Discussion: HUMANKIND (Windows)

HUMANKIND achievements are now on the site

  • Information
    Posted on 17 August 21 at 14:19
    The complete list of HUMANKIND Achievements consists of 98 Achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore.
  • KimitchiiKimitchii1,087,184
    Posted on 17 August 21 at 14:57
    Soooo many.... hope the game is fun !
  • TheChrisDTheChrisD185,212
    Posted on 17 August 21 at 17:18, Edited on 17 August 21 at 17:21 by TheChrisD
    Terminated — Win a game with the AI difficulty set to Humankind.
    Lord of the Flies — Win a game against 3 AI at Endless difficulty on the tiniest map.
    There Can Be Only One — Win a game against 9 AI at Endless difficulty on the largest map.
    uuuuugh, there better be an easy way to cheese these.
    Playing against Endless difficulty in other Amplitude games was just not fun, no matter how much you tried to nerf them with custom traits.

    EDIT: It seems that they forgot to change the "Endless" difficulty to "Humankind" in the latter two achievements on Xbox. They are correctly all listed as "Humankind" on Steam.
  • Arsenic 17Arsenic 171,545,636
    Posted on 18 August 21 at 16:12
    If you like RTS games, you have to have PC GamePass. I cant stand this genre and hate playing these ones...
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