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Looking for an honest opinion on the Mass Effect Series.

Posted on 30 July 11 at 17:52
I've been hearing it was quite good from a couple friends but I would like to know some more opinions about the game, please.
Confused Shelf
Posted on 30 July 11 at 18:08
Probably my favourite series on the Xbox. If you're rushing through it then you'll miss out. You play it for the fantastic experience, not for any other reason. Not sure I can say much more than that.
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Mickey Burns
Mickey Burns
Posted on 30 July 11 at 18:27
Confused Shelf said:
You play it for the fantastic experience, not for any other reason.
Couldn't agree more ... especially concerning the first Mass Effect. My opinion: play ME1 and forget about achievements (or have a pretty good guide handy ... or else you will have many, MANY playthroughs). Don't get me wrong, ME1 is a great game, but I got tired of playing it over and over for all the completion achievements with the various characters and difficulties ... I finally said fuck it. Great story, great experience.

ME2, however, they did better with the achievements. Does not require a shitload of playthroughs to complete, so have at it. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Posted on 30 July 11 at 18:57
I'm not going to play just for the achievements, I need a new story to get into just seeing if this would be the right one.
Dat Boi Treezy
Posted on 30 July 11 at 19:39
Simply put, both Mass Effect's have been and still are ridiculously good. Get them both checked out as soon as'.

Mass Effect 3 is going to be amazing!
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Posted on 30 July 11 at 19:53
the first mass effect is mostly sidequests, so if you rush through it you will miss alot. mass effect 2 is really all about getting a team together, which is more like preparing for ME3, which IMO doesnt have a good base for a story.
im only posting so there is someone not saying its completly awesome.
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Posted on 31 July 11 at 00:04, Edited on 31 July 11 at 13:21 by Avata
I just recently finished the first one and I have to say, I had trouble seeing what all the fuss was about. My intent was to play ME2, but everyone told me I had to play the original first. The story is fantastic, but the game felt broken or unfinished to me, and the achievements were just awful IMO (which may have contributed to my overall feeling). I am glad I played it though, I think it's a significant title. I just don't have the stomach to start ME2 right now :( Maybe I'll get around to it over Christmas.
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Posted on 31 July 11 at 09:37
If you enjoy ME1 you will probably enjoy ME2 more because, put simply, the gameplay is improved quite a bit (even if the RPG elements are reduced to some peoples dismay). The series is fantastic though and I can't wait for ME3! I cant recommend the games enough to be honest.
Legit Spam
Legit Spam
Posted on 31 July 11 at 15:10, Edited on 31 July 11 at 15:10 by Legit Spam
I have enjoyed them both so far but as others said the cheevos in one are grindy. Now if your looking for a great TPS & story you've found it. IMO ME was a better game than ME2 because it wasn't toned down. Both are wonderful additions to your collection that you'll get many, many hours out of
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Posted on 31 July 11 at 16:54
I got Mass Effect 2 from a free promotion and I played 5 minutes of it and I immediately sold it to my friend. I couldnt stand it. I dont know my exact reason for hating it, but I just did. I found the game to be nothing special really.
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Cheesy Skidmark
Posted on 31 July 11 at 19:30
Both are really good but the second one is easier to get 100%,,also better dlc if you want to go deeper into the ME universe,
marky the parky
Posted on 31 July 11 at 20:47
They are simply awesome.
Posted on 31 July 11 at 20:59
I loved the first game the second not so much.
Posted on 31 July 11 at 23:33
I don't mid the first one, It's pretty, takes a bit to really get into the universe, but once to start reading the Codex thing it gets really hard to stop. I havn't played the second one however but I've only heard good things.
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Posted on 01 August 11 at 00:31
Both games are excellent, and the third instalment is my most anticipated upcoming game (jointly with Skyrim).

It took me a while to get into the first one, as there is a lot of dialogue, and the shooting mechanics feel a bit clunky compared to the likes of the Gears of War series. However, I took the time to listen and pay attention to the dialogue, and then I just got it. The Mass Effect universe is an amazingly well thought-out one, with many diverse races. And if you take the time to talk to your team-mates between missions, you then find out that Bioware put great care into giving each one a detailed an interesting back-story.

Add into that, some genuinely difficult story choices need to be made (I won't say more, as I don't want to give anything away), and bear in mind that many decisions you make have consequences that are felt as you play on through the story, and you have a brilliantly crafted experience.

If you complete ME1, you can import your character, along with all the choices you made into ME2, and so on with ME3 when that is released.

The action is much improved in the second one, in my opinion. It is much closer to the third person shooters that Bioware attempted to emulate than the first one it, and as a result the action sequences are far more satisfying. They didn't reduce the story element, either, although the role-playing and levelling-up aspects are watered down compared to the first game - but that is a small price to pay for a gameplay experience which is a lot more refined.

All in all, the Mass Effect series impressed me very much. I'd say Mass Effect 1 is better played for the story than the action, but that's not to say the action side is bad.
Desert Gerbile
Posted on 01 August 11 at 12:38
OfficerBarbrady said:
I got Mass Effect 2 from a free promotion and I played 5 minutes of it and I immediately sold it to my friend. I couldnt stand it. I dont know my exact reason for hating it, but I just did. I found the game to be nothing special really.
I almost did the same thing, played Mass Effect for an hour or 2 and could just not get into it. Put it down and returned to it about 6 months later.

Gave it more of a chance and really got sucked into the fantastic detailed story and now ME1 and ME2 are probably my favourite games for the reasons other people have stated above. Basically if you ever watched Babylon 5 its like living through that.
Parallax Demon
Posted on 01 August 11 at 20:14
When you like TPS's and RPG's, it's a must play game. When you only like TPS's, ít's a big letdown, because half of the game all you're doing is talking to people and exploring for goodies.
When you only like RPG's, it's also a big letdown because of the limited amount of choices and gameplay which is more based on your shooterskill than of how well you made your character.

I play shooters and RPG's, so I liked both games a lot (the first one more than the second, but that's probably also the reason I have a higher score in RPG's compared to shooters).
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