Game Discussion: UNO (Xbox 360)

Issues connecting to Player Match

  • ijiekmotorsijiekmotors163,030
    Posted on 22 August 21 at 20:08
    I keep getting a repeated error when trying to join a four player match, where it says:
    "Failed to join the game session because the connection timed out. Please try another game session."
    This seemed to be an issue for whoever the fourth player in a match was, it wasn't just me having this issue. Searching for a match brings up 0 games, and invites throw up that error, so does going to a friend's profile and hitting join session. Tried restarting my console, tried hosting, tried not being the host, tried inviting xbox live party, tried not doing it through parties, this error persisted no matter what. I'm totally stumped on what the issue could be.
    For the record, I could connect to the game when it's two people in the lobby, and have a three player game. But it seems whenever a fourth tries to join it begins to freak out. Totally stumped.
  • ManulelsManulels261,727
    Posted on 25 August 21 at 03:30, Edited on 25 August 21 at 03:31 by Manulels
    July 21 was the last day when someone unlocked multiplayer achievements, so im worried about this, i need those chievos
    Yo, yo, yo, 148, 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9, representing the ABQ, what up biatch?
  • MeetTheCynicMeetTheCynic416,010
    Posted on 19 October 21 at 21:34
    Any update on this?
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