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Xbox Gamescom 2021 sale is now live

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 27 August 21 at 09:21
    IAmSAMU3Lx said:
    xNotStopEvil said:
    BustaKillah13 said:
    IAmSAMU3Lx said:
    BustaKillah13 said:
    And still no Resident Evil Village on sale????
    Mate the game has been out barely 3 months why would it be on sale laugh laugh
    Sorry for this comment but... You are crazy bro
    You don't have to make an apology, stand by your words mate. Why though?
    No is good give "shit words" a another peope, i think
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1334,792
    Posted on 27 August 21 at 15:40
    ImStylinOnYaBro said:
    Valhalla and Witcher 3 in the photo, yet not on sale?
    Not for US.
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