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Gamescom Awards winners led by Bandai Namco, Xbox, and Ubisoft

  • GilCAnjosGilCAnjos153,886
    Posted on 27 August 21 at 22:01
    Game show awards don't award good games. They award good marketing. If you work on a game's marketing, I guess you can feel proud of winning such a thing. But for the average person, it's just an imaginary accolade that publishers can stamp on a box art during Holiday season
  • thRusstedthRussted88,870
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 04:51
    Am I the only one feeling dokeV should receive some more love? I think this was the only trailer with actual gameplay, apart from COD footage. Though that wasn't a trailer.
  • ZE660XZE660X93,809
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 07:55
    >Best Trailer: Saints Row (Koch Media)

    how much did they bribe ?
  • lethelerrorlethelerror468,071
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 12:07
    ZE660X said:
    >Best Trailer: Saints Row (Koch Media)

    how much did they bribe ?
    the threat of being called a buzz word is enough
  • DingadillyDingadilly1,819,734
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 13:02
    I'm only here to boo ubisoft.


  • EurydaceEurydace602,061
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 17:26
    I wonder how much each of these awards costs.
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo262,498
    Posted on 29 August 21 at 07:12
    Definitely looking forward to Elden Ring.
    "We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us" - Andrew Ryan
  • C64 MatC64 Mat1,358,821
    Posted on 30 August 21 at 17:02
    Eurydace said:
    I wonder how much each of these awards costs.

    Best trailer for Saints Row! Jesus Christ.
    "I gotta be honest, entering a bunch of 25 character codes to have gear spit out of the magic box kinda sucks" - Rista B
  • JessikaShoJessikaSho206,936
    Posted on 07 September 21 at 05:09
    RepentantHades7 said:
    SheBeatsYou said:
    Best announcement Saints Row? laugh
    I'm stoked about the announcement. I loved SR3 and enjoyed SR4. The trailer has no gameplay footage, so it's hard to know what it will be like, but they have my attention.
    Same. Hype as hell. Yes, there are completely different characters, but it still has the charm of the series. Feels kinda like an alternate universe SR3 where they kept the basic plot structure of 1 and 2. Dunno why the SR community is so against change. Stingy fans killed Agents of Mayhem too. Everyone slept on it b/c boo hoo, it's not SR5, but I had a blast seeing it through to completion.

    This trailer definitely feels like SR. People need to get over the fact that it doesn't include Shaundi and Gat.
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