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long achievement

  • VanGekoVanGeko702,594
    Posted on 28 August 21 at 13:00
    When the is correct then the
    HUMANKIND (Windows)Wonder-FullThe Wonder-Full achievement in HUMANKIND (Windows) worth 10 pointsBuild every Cultural Wonder over several games.

    is one of the longest achievements in a strategy game. Oo
    the Tracker says 4.194.303 wonders to build o.o

    any ideas if this is correct?
  • Posted on 28 August 21 at 20:52
    Ive been having trouble with the achievements in this game unlocking. This is is showing that no gamers on here have unlocked so Im assuming its bugged along with a good portion of the achievements here. Have you been unlocking the 12 and 18 star achievements?
  • VanGekoVanGeko702,594
    Posted on 29 August 21 at 03:41
    4 Million wonders is a bit to much as someone could already have this one Oo
    after 100 turns i have only 2.

    and for the stars, my tracker says i have between 1 and 2 not sure what this means ingame Oo
    these are the stars for coming in the next age?
  • Posted on 30 August 21 at 07:02
    During each age you’re able to unlock stars in a variety of categories. Such as agrarian stars for setting milestones in populations or military stars for destroying military units. In each age you get to unlock a total of 3 stars per category. Meaning in all 6 eras you’re able to get 18 stars total. For some reason the achievements are bugged and even if you get 18 stars in a game, it doesn’t unlock.
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