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From 0 to 1000: Achievement Walkthrough

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    Posted on 31 August 21 at 21:04, Edited on 21 September 21 at 16:50 by Bonkekook

    Everything is good to go again!


    An update was launched today for the game. It added a new mower, 3 new challenges, the ability to have 4 employees instead of only 2 and made some changes to the effectiveness of skipping Contracts among other things. Valuables in litter contracts no longer respawn, so you will need to find all 16 unique valuables. However, litter Contract items do still count toward the 250 Ground Items picked up Achievement, and skipping ahead in Contracts, while useless for the most part, does still count toward the 100 Contracts Achievement. Due to this, the walkthrough below has changed. PLEASE point out any errors. The revision of this was a difficult process, and I don't claim to be perfect, so let me know if you see any mistakes.

    NOTE: This is a very basic text walkthrough. If anyone wants to use the information here for anything, including writing an official Walkthrough on TA, feel free. Just give me credit, please. Some of the Achievements or actions may not happen exactly when the text notes them because of the randomness of what Contracts show up when. Just push things back a day or two if you need to get more money or RP, etc. You have plenty of time to handle everything.

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

    Below are videos and text designed to get you your 1000G in Lawn Mowing Simulator. It is the first game in my "From 0 to 1000" series, where we work together from a scratch account to a completion.

    Playlist to the full Walkthrough:

    If you go in blind, expect about 40-50 hours if you don't use any guides or help. If you follow along with my text and videos, you're looking at 35 hours for the completion though its heavily dependent on how well you pick up the Expert Challenges.

    To start, there are 29 videos in the playlist. 5 are about an hour long each, detailing the entirety of the Career Mode and how to get every achievement in it. This step will likely take 20-25 hours or so, as well as up to another 5 of hands-off grinding which I will explain later . I will not be showing most of the actual mowing here. I will show the very first Contract where we go over the basics. I show the first Litter Contract and Striping Contract, and a few Contracts here and there that are important, but for the most part, the mowing is relatively straightforward, and including footage of every Contract would add another 15 hours of footage for little value.

    The other 24 videos are for each of the Challenges, showing them being Completed, with tips and strategies for them. The Patterson mower Challenges that were added do not count toward the Challenge Achievements, credit to Nunz and Moses on Youtube.


    The Video Playlist will again be attached below the text at the bottom, but I will be referencing the Videos in the Text as we go through the game together. The text is going to be fairly basic. If you are interested in more in-depth commentary, follow along with the videos.

    As always, if you have any questions, just ask!

    I won't be going in-depth to controls here, either, except for the basics that are necessary. If you want to learn more, again, check out the videos.

    - Start up the game. RB will bring you to Challenges, so you know where they are. Bumper back, choose your profile, and advance past the title screen.

    - Tutorials are up to you, but I do not show them off in my Guide. If you do follow the tutorials, your Company details are up to you, and make sure that you finish by purchasing the Knight OFS1 Mower.

    - If you skip the tutorials, choose whatever name, logo and player customization you want. None of it matters for Achievements.

    - You'll then be brought to the Mower screen where you can choose between a Stiga, Patterson or Knight mower. Purchase the Knight OFS1 to get your first Achievement "The Dream Begins"(1/42).

    - You are now at the Main Career Menu. There are currently 4 tabs. HQ, Contracts, Garage/Shop and Loans. HQ allows you to Upgrade your current HQ, purchase a new HQ, purchase Ads to increase your business' Reputation, and alter your company and person's appearance. The Contracts tab is where you will choose new Contracts. The Garage/Shop tab is where you can buy new vehicles and take care of the ones you already own. The Loans tab is where you can purchase new Loans and Repay any you currently have.

    - Select the "Old Nook Cottage - Front Garden" Contract.

    - Pause, change the Sprint to Toggle. Now run around the lawn finding ground objects to pick up. There is an Achievement for running one mile which will happen very quickly if you run during all the ground check phases. You also need to complete every ground check phase for an Achievement for picking up 250 items. I will just assume you are doing EVERY Ground Check until the 250 Items Achievement pops.

    - Do a lap around the outside of the lawn looking for ground items, then narrow your search toward the center, completing laps until you've found every item. The game tells you when you have, or if you missed an item, retrace your steps until you find them all.

    - Get on your mower. Hold X to start it, then hit Right on the D-Pad to increase the throttle. Some mowers, such as the Knight we own, have a cutting deck that needs to be lowered, so hit the B button to do so. Up and Down on the D-Pad change the height the mower cuts the grass. You can pause the game and the left tab of the Pause Menu will display the height you are supposed to cut the grass to. Pressing X with the Deck lowered will start the Blades to cut.

    - RT will accelerate, LT will reverse. Pushing in the Right Analog activates Pro View. It will turn all the uncut grass white and flashes it for a bit. This will be useful, so don't forget it. You can also hold B to get off the mower. This allows you to fix your mower or hold Y to reset it if it gets stuck.

    - If you need more info, watch the first Career video at 21:52. Otherwise, cut the lawn the same way we did the ground check. Start a lap around the outside, and when you finish, narrow your lap to cut more of the grass until its all gone. It's that simple. Be careful of flowers, running into obstacles and turning too sharply will get you penalized, but in terms of Career Contracts, penalties aren't worth worrying about. They only become a nuisance in the Challenges.

    - Contracts complete when you reach the desired Cut Percentage. The meter for your progress is displayed in the top right while mowing. The Desired percent is usually displayed at the Contract screen before you start, so keep that number in mind. When you finish, the game will tell you, and you can drive back onto your ramp and trailer. Driving directly on is quicker but will usually result in a small collision and very small Fine. Backing onto the trailer is slower but will avoid Fines as long as you don't hit the edges. I recommend driving straight on except when told not to for specific Achievements.

    - The Post-Contract Screen will detail any money you make, Penalties you receive and any money you spent repairing your mower during the Contract. It also details how much damage each part of your mower took during the Contract. Many Achievements do not pop until you advance past this screen, so keep that in mind. It will tell you how much money you made, and what your new total is. This is also displayed in the Top Right on the Career Menu, to the left of the current date and weather.

    - Advancing past the Post Contract screen will unlock the "Every Story has a Beginning" Achievement(2/42).

    - Choose your second Contract, the Kingsbury House Garden. From this point on I will not be detailing Ground Checks or Mowing Strategies unless they deviate from what has been said previously. Just make sure you keep completing the Ground Checks to work toward the 250 items Achievement.

    - You should unlock "The First of Many" Achievement(3/42) for driving a mile and the "Positive Word of Mouth" Achievement(4/42) for getting your first RP Rank up after this Contract. These sometimes pop in a different order. RP Rank ups are basically natural by playing so we won't go into detail about them.

    - Choose a third Contract. You should be able to choose The Hilltop House Jefferson Garden Contract here. This is the last week that our Contracts will be the same, as they have been random from here on out in my 6 playthroughs.

    - The Hilltop House Jefferson Garden and Hilltop House Davies Garden share the same common area between them with the supercar. Because of this, you can find your first Valuable with either of the two Contracts. However, when searching for Valuables, finish your Ground Check phase first as the clock stops until you get on the mower. It gives you time to explore in-between the ground checks and mowing. Check the left rear wheelwell on the car and on top of it will be some car keys. Hold A to pick them up and pop the "Every Good Deed" Achievement(5/42). Continue to finish the Contract.

    From here on out, the Guide will no longer be pointing you to Contracts because they are random. We will, instead, be telling you to focus on certain types of Contract to help toward certain achievements. i.e. Focus on high money Contracts or High RP contracts, etc. For now, we have very few Achievements to focus on. We need to look out for any of the Levels with Valuables, so I will list all 16 of those below shortly.

    Before we continue on with the Guide, I need to warn you about Contracts to keep an eye out for.

    First, for Valuables.

    Rowley Manor - Rear Garden - Wallet on railing behind a Hedge near the steps down.
    Crossley Riding School - Rear Lawns* - Trophy on Fountain and Ribbon on small billboard in common area.
    54 Coville St - Gardens - Headphones on Far End of Patio
    59 Coville St - Garden Lawns - Lanyard with Keycard on the grill in backyard
    64 Coville St - Rear Lawns - Laptop in the Gazebo
    Ripley Park - All Locations - Cell Phone on rounded Metal Bench and Headphones hanging on entrance to Playground
    Weaver Square - Parkland - Sunglasses on Dog Waste Bin by other Gate
    Westwell Castle - Sloped Gardens OR Formal Garden - Camera on the 3rd Lion Statue from the Left
    Westwell Castle - Lower Bandstand Garden - Headphones on the floor of the Bandstand
    Adam's Apple Co - Orchard - Headphones hanging on side of covered bench area near start
    Miller Brook - Garden - Laptop on Patio Table Furniture in yard
    Hilltop House - Jefferson Garden OR Davies Garden - Car Keys on back left wheelwell of supercar
    Hilltop House - Garden - Tablet on stone planter behind Patio Furniture
    Orchard Cottage - Garden - Wallet on Car in covered Garage

    *The Crossley Riding School has 5 lawns overall, but ONLY the Rear Lawns allow you to get both Valuables at the same time. The Ribbon can be picked up with any Crossley Riding School Lawn, but the Trophy is only accessible via the Rear Lawns.

    For Valuables to count, you NEED to drive your mower back up the ramp and hit Accept to end the mission, then advance past the post-Contract screen. The first Valuable achievement pops when you pick up the Valuable in the Mission, but every subsequent Valuable toward the "All Valuables" Achievement is counted when you advance through the Post-Contract screen to the next day.

    So from here on out, we need to focus on Valuables, shorter Contracts, and getting our Company ready for our first Employee.

    - Before you start a fourth Contract, go to your HQ tab and purchase the Upgrade for 1500 currency. This is very important. After 7 days, it will open up a second Bay at your HQ so you can have a second mower available, and we need that for the employee we will hire in a few days. For now, pick a Contract, and remember to continue completing each Ground Check Phase, picking up valuables if the level has one, and do your best to finish Contracts within the recommended cut time for the "Close Shave" achievement, although once we upgrade our mower that will be a piece of cake.

    - After your fifth Contract or so, you'll likely unlock the Blade Runner Achievement(6/42) for having Sprinted a mile if you've been doing the Ground Check Phases and sprinting. You may unlock this earlier or later depending on how long you've spent on the ground checks and how much you've ran during them. Just keep running and it will pop eventually, but remember it pops after the post-Contract screen.

    - Pick a 6th contract however you would like. Once you finish, you will more than likely reach the Credible rank, unlocking the "Credible" Achievement(7/42)

    - Reaching the Credible Rank means you can now hire an employee, and we're going to take a second to cover that. You now have an Employee tab in the Career Menu, showing you current Employees, and Applications. You get 1 Application per week, and the employee has an Experience level. For the "Zero to Hero" achievement, we need to hire an Apprentice employee and Train them up to Expert. In order to do this, we need to use them for Contracts and pay for Training on their Employee page. There are 9 total training classes, and in my experience, if you train them in all 9 classes and have them mow every day it will take approximately 40-45 days of being in your Company to reach the Expert rank.

    - IF an Apprentice does not show up, you have 2 options. You can hire the one who applied and keep checking daily to see if the new Applicant is an Apprentice. If an Apprentice shows up, fire the employee you have and hire the Apprentice instead. OR you can quit out using the Xbox Guide, reload the game, and it will bring you to the last post-Contract screen. After that, there will be a different Applicant and you can keep doing that until an Apprentice shows up. I recommend doing this option right away until you get an Apprentice so that's it taken care of. When you do, Hold off on training them though until we get some more money. Hiring your first employee will get you the "Teamwork makes the Dream Work" Achievement(8/42).

    - You won't be able to use your second employee for Contracts until the HQ Upgrade is complete, so you have a few days yet to allow new Applicants to come in. Just make sure that you focus on getting an Apprentice employee from now on as well if you didn't already.

    - Do a 7th Contract. Check for an Apprentice if you don't already have one.

    - Do an 8th Contract. After the Contract, you will unlock the "Aggressive Expansion" Achievement(9/42) as your HQ has been upgraded. You can now house a 2nd vehicle, which means its time to hire an employee. At this point, if you still haven't received an Apprentice, I recommend quitting using the Xbox Guide and reloading until an Apprentice Applicant shows up. Once you have an Apprentice hired, we have a few things to take care of.

    - Head over to your Garage and Select your Knight mower. Move to the Part Exchange option and select it, then move to the Stiga Tornado 6108 HW and select it, then accept. This will unlock the "Bigger and Better" Achievement(10/42). Now select the Stiga mower in your Garage, Part Exchange and select the Knight OFS1 and accept. This will unlock the "Leaner and Meaner" Achievement(11/42). Now, purchase the Stiga Estate 2084 H as a separate mower(no Part Exchange) so you have 2 mowers. You should have more than enough money for it by now.


    In the original version of this Walkthrough, we started preparing to skip Contracts here. Unfortunately, skipping Contracts no longer works the way it did before. If you skip a Contract at 0%, your Employees finish their Contracts at 0%, meaning skipping is now useless for the most part. An employees' skill level also affects the money they receive from Contracts. This means we have to readjust our strategy, and it also means we will be doing a lot more hands on mowing from this point on. For now, I still recommend doing the quickest Contracts you can find and giving your employee the most expensive ones.

    - When you are picking Contracts now, ALWAYS give your employee the one with the most money and give them the worst mower(s) you have. Eventually you will have to repair them, and the game will let you know when they are too damaged to be used. At that point, go to the Garage and fix the vehicle in question. Other than that, just keep giving your employee the most expensive Contracts every week. This will almost never change for the rest of our Career. The ONLY exceptions are for when contracts that include Valuables we need are available or when there are specific Contracts related to Achievements which I will cover in a bit.

    - Choose a Contract for your employee and a shorter one for you to mow, again, keeping in mind that if a Contract with a valuable shows up, take it for yourself and keep track of which ones you've grabbed.

    - Choose another day's worth of Contracts. Once complete, you need to start keeping your finances in mind. We are constantly trying to train our Apprentice and purchase the Printed Media Advertisements for 1250 currency, while keeping our money in the positive. Only train or buy Ads when you know you have the money to spare. They only have 9 days of training to do and you'll have them employed for around 40 before they would max, so you can skip a few days if you need to, just remember to keep up on the training and Ads as needed, and you can follow along in the Career videos for when I purchase mine.

    - (Tuesday March 16) Go to your Apprentice, and Train them in the Vehicle Maintenance Level 1 Training for 500 currency. This will boost their experience level to Proficient. This will allow your employees to get 70% of the money from the Contracts they choose instead of 50% as an Apprentice, so its worth doing ASAP. Choose contracts. Check your Ads if you have money.

    - Train your Apprentice again, in the Vehicle Maintenance Level 2 training for 1000 currency. This will give make your employee a Professional. and give them 75% of their Contracts' money. Choose contracts. After this day I unlocked the "Established" Achievement(12/42). The Established Rank allows you to hire a second employee AND, I believe, is the trigger for Litter Contracts to start showing up, though this may have changed with the latest updates.

    NOTE: On my initial re-writing and accompanying playthrough, I could NOT get a Litter Contract to show up, so it seems they may have made Litter Contracts far more rare OR they pushed back when they spawn. I actually wound up getting Striping Contracts before Litter Contracts, which shouldn't happen, but I need to point out that it may happen to you. Just keep in mind the Litter Contracts from this point on in case they show up.

    - Get a 25,000 loan. Go to HQ tab and purchase the Windsor Garages HQ to unlock the "Worked your Grass Off" Achievement(13/42). Now purchase the Whitehall House to unlock the "First Step on the Ladder" Achievement(14/42) and "Hard Times" Achievement(15/42). Finally, repurchase the Windsor Garages. This will future proof you to give you enough room for the mowers you'll need for your 4 other employees, eventually.

    - Now, purchase a second 25,000 loan AND a third 25,000 loan. Go to your garage and select your Knight mower, and Part Exchange. Go ALL the way right to the Toro 3300, the most expensive mower, and accept the exchange. That will get you the "Lawn in the USA" Achievement(16/42).

    - Now, purchase a SCAG Patriot 52 mower. Then, select the Toro mower, Attachments, and purchase the 60in Recycler Kit. Press B, hover over the Recycler Kit and press A to attach it. Now select the SCAG Patriot, and purchase the Tiger Stripe Kit and Mulch Plate. Then Press B, highlight and press A on both parts to equip them.

    - Whew. That was a busy day, huh? You're now essentially future-proofed. You have the ability to do Striping contracts when they show up with your SCAG mower and your Toro mower is capable of doing any other type of Contract. AND you now have 3 employees AND 3 mowers. Hire another employee now if you didn't to get to 3 yet. The higher the skill level, the better, though it doesn't matter Achievements-wise as long as you have an Apprentice you are training already. At this point, go in and reject every other Applicant you have for a job. You're able to have 5 Applicants waiting, so reject the remaining applicants to make room for new applicants.

    - You should now also have 5 contracts to choose from each week, and we now have some more Contracts to look out for. They are:

    -----Litter Contracts. Far less Money/RP so they're easy to spot.
    -----Striping Contracts. Far more RP. These may not show up for a bit yet.
    -----Rowley Manor - Rear Garden. This contract is useful for multiple Achievements. We will use it to get the "The Grass is Always Greener" and "Size isn't everything" Achievements. It also has a valuable, AND will be the contract that we use to grind out driving 100 miles later on.
    ----More New Contracts with Valuables will show up as well.
    ----Park Mowing Contracts will show up soon, too.

    I will go into detail about the two contracts requiring Rowley Manor's Rear Garden so you can look out for them and the Park Mowing Contracts as well.

    As of right now, the Rowley Manor Rear Garden will show up as a General Cut contract, which is what we need. If you don't have any luck now, later on it can also show up as a Stripe Cut. Its better for it to be a General Cut to handle the Achievements, so keep that in mind as you look for it in the coming days. The "Grass is Always Greener" Achievement can, in theory, be unlocked in a Stripe Cut, but the "Size Doesn't Matter" Achievement must be done using the General Cut version, so keep that in mind. The guide explains how to get both Achievements using a general cut.

    The first time it shows up, grab your Toro motor and we will be attempting the "The Grass is Always Greener" Achievement. If you want detail, check out my 4th Career video and check the TimeStamps below to find it. This will explain exactly what you need to do to get the Achievement, and its far more difficult to explain through text. Basically, you need to avoid hitting any walls, flowers, anything, and you need to avoid turning too sharply and damaging the ground while you cut. Finally, you need to back up onto the trailer at the end to avoid a Collision penalty. If you do all of those things, you can get the Achievement(17/42) but I do recommend watching the video. If you are having trouble, 59 Coville St is also an good option for this Achievement.

    The second time it shows up we will be attempting the "Size isn't everything" achievement. Part exchange your Stiga to the Knight OFS1, then use the Knight for the Contract. This is far simpler than the first time. Just drive around and complete the Contract. Penalties and Fines don't matter. Once complete, drive onto the ramp and advance to the next day to pop the "Size isn't Everything" Achievement(18/42).

    Now that you have ranked up enough for Litter Contracts to show up, the Parks will start showing up in Contracts. Weaver Square is the first, and you will eventually get to Ripley Park as well. Most of the time these contracts pop up, they are Litter contracts. However, more rarely, they show up as Mower contracts. When they do, you need to take the Contract and finish it yourself. Doing so will unlock the "Mighty Mowing Park Ranger" Achievement(19/42).

    Having explained all of that, we shall return to the day-to-day explanations.

    Just for reference, you should be on March 18th.

    - From here on, you need to keep training your Apprentice up, stay up-to-date on your Ads, do any Valuables and you now have 2 employees to assign the most expensive Contracts to. Give them the Stiga and SCAG mowers unless you need them yourself for a Contract. Train your Apprentice in the third level of Vehicle Maintenance for 1500. This will make them a Specialist, Don't worry about training your other employee.

    - You should stumble upon a Litter Contract very quickly but the Contracts ARE random so it could be a few days before one shows up. Litter Contracts are just elaborate Ground Checks, with 2 to 5 times the amount of items on the ground. As we mentioned earlier, Litter Contracts count toward the 250 items picked up Achievement AND are significantly faster to complete, so I recommend doing Litter Contracts whenever one is available to save yourself some time. Whenever one shows up and you complete it, you will get the "Where there's muck there's brass" Achievement(20/42).

    - To summarize, choose the most expensive Contracts for your employees to tackle. If you have a Litter contract available, COMPLETE them to work toward the 250 items picked up and the Achievement for that. If you don't have any litter Contracts, keep using quick Mowing contracts. Having yourself and your two employees all doing a Contract on the same day will also unlock the "Fighting on All Fronts" Achievement(21/42).

    - Just to re-orient ourselves, its now March 19th. Train your Apprentice employee in Advanced Driving Level 1. From this point on, check your applications every day. If an employee shows up that is a higher skill level than your OTHER employee(ALWAYS keep the one who started as an Apprentice and you are training), fire them and replace them with the higher skill level. Skill levels are Apprentice - Journeyman - Proficient - Professional - Specialist - Expert

    - It is also worth noting that the Toro mower is by far the best in the game. The Achievement for finishing 10 contracts within the Recommended Time is easily attainable now, so if you still don't have it, feel free to do a few mowing Contracts yourself to finish that Achievement off. Go ahead with your next Contracts.

    - Continue for a few days now, following the same patterns. Valuables, employees on financially lucrative contracts, training your Apprentice when you can afford it AND checking on your Ads regularly my videos, on March 25th I reach the Trusted RP Rank and unlock the 'Trusted' Achievement(22/42).

    - On March 30th I have the Rear Gardens at Rowley Manor Contract pop up and I unlock not only the "The Grass is Always Greener" Achievement which we covered earlier in this Walkthrough, but also the "Close Shave" Achievement(23/42) for completing 10 Career Contracts in the recommended Cut Time. This is very simple with the Toro 3300, so just play a few more mowing Contracts and you should have no problems unlocking it.

    At this point, you have 19 Achievements remaining, or close to it:

    4 Achievements related to the Challenges(27)
    Driving 100 Miles in Career Mode
    Completing a Contract on the 4th of July
    100 Contracts Complete
    Owning All Mowers
    Owning the 4th HQ
    Professional, Esteemed, Distinguished RP Ranks
    Finding all 16 Valuables
    Going into negative money and returning to Positive
    Training an Apprentice to an Expert
    Completing a Striping Contract
    Completing a Striping Contract with a 95% Stripe Rating
    Completing 1 of each Type of Contract
    250 Ground Check Items Picked Up

    From seeing this list, you can understand why we are focusing on the things we are. We are focusing on whatever contracts we want, but we are still trying to find the Contracts with the Valuables. We are still purchasing the Advertisements to boost our RP every day. We are training our Employee so they can to get to Expert. Other than that, we are focusing on balancing paying the loans with paying for training and advertisements, as well as the weekly and monthly maintenance fees so that we aren't falling into negative money.

    - On Friday April 9th I reached the Professional RP Rank, unlocking the "Professional" Achievement(24/42). This also allows us a third employee. Try to find an expert. Hire a third no matter what and just keep checking for an expert the days after. Also, buy a second Stiga Estate 2084 H for employee use.

    - By now, your first Stripe Contract will appear. When your first Stripe Cut Contract appears, you'll need to use the SCAG Mower and jump on in. Completing it will unlock 2 Achievements, and you get a 3rd for Completing it with a 95% Stripe Rating. Check the 4th Career video at 10:52 for a video explanation.

    - Stripe Cuts are very simple. Do the Ground Check and start the mower as you normally would, but THEN HIT THE RB button to make arrows show up on the grass. These arrows are guidelines. They don't have to be followed exactly, but you want to do 2 things in Striping Contracts. One, make your cuts as straight across lined up with the arrows as possible. The cuts don't need to be as wide as the arrows, you simply need to alternate the direction of your cuts so that it forms stripes down the lawn. Once you cut across in one column, turn around and cut another column back next to it, continuing this until all the grass is cut so it will look like stripes. Two, BE THOROUGH. Stripe Cuts are very difficult to clean up missed grass later. Back up if you overload the Mower, and only cut 80% of the grass so you aren't missing any. It is far more important to go slowly and make sure you're cutting everything because you cannot easily get back to the grass to cut it later without ruining your Stripe Rating. As long as you follow the advice, you should get all 3 Achievements.

    - After the post-Contract screen, you'll unlock "Jack of All Trades", "Lawn and Order" and "Earn Your Stripes"(Achievements 25, 26 and 27 of 42).

    - Continue training your employee until you've exhausted all 9 Classes and keep checking on your Ads to renew them. At this point, you've likely finished training your employee through classes but they aren't an Expert yet. That's because the Employees need to gain experience from working as well. If you use them every day, they will more than likely need to be employed for around 40 days for them to reach Expert. Once they do, you will receive a Notification that the Employee is an Expert and once you advance past it, the "Zero to Hero" Achievement(28/42) will pop. This will pop at different times for everyone, more than likely, but as long as they were an Apprentice when you hired them, getting them to an Expert using the Training and using them on Contracts will eventually unlock the Achievement, and that will be one less thing to spend our money on.

    - Continue on each week as we have been. Do Litter Contracts in their entirety until you get the 250 items Achievement and have your Employees doing the expensive Contracts. Keep checking on your ads and our goal for the time being is simply to make enough money to pay off the rest of the loans we took out.

    - Soon, we complete a Litter Contract and finally reach our 250 Ground Check items, unlocking the "All Hands on Deck" Achievement(29/42). This is probably much earlier than it may happen for you, as they seem to have drastically reduced the prevalence of Litter Contracts. On my second runthrough, I was only at 82% at this point.

    - For the next few weeks, focus on continuing as above. Have your employees do the lucrative Contracts and keep up to date on your Advertisements.

    - Around this time, the Westwell Castle Contracts will begin to show up. This means that you can finally start looking for the last of the Valuables. The Lower Bandstand Garden has Headphones in the Bandstand and the Sloping Gardens AND the Formal Garden at the Castle both connect and give access to a Camera on a Lion Statue. These are the Final Unique Valuables and getting all 16 will unlock the "Lawn Enforcement Officer" Achievement(30/42).

    - Continuing on, I reach the Esteemed RP Rank, unlocking the "Esteemed" Achievement(31/42). Almost to the top, but keep up on the Ads. You can now purchase a 5th mower, I recommend a second SCAG Patriot with Attachments in case you have two Stripe Contracts show up, and hire a 4th Expert employee. If you can't afford a SCAG, just get another cheap Stiga mower. Its not a big deal either way as long as you have the 5th mower.

    - From now on, you have two goals. Pay off your current loans and amass about 5,000 currency. Make sure you are keeping up on Ads as well as you'll be done with Ads for Achievement purposes once you reach the Distinguished Rank, and return here when you have your loans paid off and 5,000 or more money available. I paid off the three 25k loans on Friday May 21st, for reference, and then started working on Ads.

    Once you do, go to the Loans page and purchase ***3*** 50,000 currency loans, totaling 150,000.

    Go to the HQ tab and Purchase the Moderna Estate, unlocking the "The top of the Mountain" Achievement(32/42).

    Now go to the Garage/Shop tab and purchase every mower you don't own. This will unlock the "Mo Mowers, Mo Problems" Achievement(33/42). You should be left with less than 3,000 or so. You SHOULDN'T need to purchase the Patterson mowers, as the achievement description says "all ORIGINAL mowers". Double check that you own every original mower, and you can purchase the Pattersons if the achievement doesn't pop.

    We are now going to fall into Bankruptcy. This CAN happen earlier, and if it does, you just need to come from a negative money amount to a positive, but I'm giving step-by-step instructions here. Essentially, you need to make sure that over the next 5 days(after which you'll make your first loan repayment), you don't increase your Finances over 18,000. You can get close, and I recommend you reach about 17,000, but keep your Finances under 18,000. You can simply not use employees once you reach 16,000. After a week goes by and you repay your first loan payment, you will fall into negative money. You will get an Overdraft Warning message. (If you are below -5,000 you will get an extra message about having to sell off assets. Don't worry about it)

    - Now, go back in and sell the mowers you bought, leaving the 5 you had previously. The 3 Stiga Estates, the SCAG Patriot 52 and the Toro 3300(you might have 2 Stigas and 2 SCAGs if you did that earlier). Every other mower needs to be sold. Now, scroll to the Loans tab and repay one of them.

    - Now, do a normal day of Contracts. Have your employees do lucrative ones and do a Contract yourself however you'd like.

    - Once the post-Contract screen is over, you'll be back to the Contract Menu and will be in positive money, unlocking the "Phoenix Rises" Achievement(34/42).

    Do another day's worth of Contracts and you should have enough money to repay a second of the three loans.

    I recommend downsizing your HQ down to the Windsor. I recommend downsizing to give you a bit of a Financial boost. You also still need to keep up on your Ads, so you'll need money for that. Continue doing Contracts.

    -Soon, I reached the Distinguished RP Rank, unlocking the "Distinguished" Achievement(35/42).

    - Now get up to approximately 25,000 currency. Once you do, we are upending our entire company now. Fire your four employees and sell everything but the Toro 3300. Then downsize your HQ to the very first one and use the money you have to pay off your final loan.

    - From now on, ALL you are doing is skipping Contracts however you would like, until you pop the 100 Contracts achievement.

    To skip Contracts:

    Mowing/Stripe Cuts - Hit A on the mower and confirm skipping the Ground Check. Start the mower, drive a little bit forward but before you get down the ramp, reverse back up and it will let you skip.

    Litter Contracts: Literally just turn around and hold A on the Van door to skip it.

    ****NOTE**** IF skipping the Contracts no longer counts toward the 100 Contracts achievement because of a patch, you WILL have to complete Contracts. You can either do Litter Contracts, which will be quicker, OR you can do Mowing Contract, which will take longer, but you can also work toward driving 100 miles for that Achievement if you desire. It will be longer than my hands-off method, but I am letting you know it is an option.

    - After the 18th of July, you SHOULD unlock the "In it for the Long Haul" Achievement(36/42). Again, if skipping the Contracts no longer counts toward the Achievement from a patch, you may have to use Litter Contracts as they are significantly faster than Mowing ones.

    Now, we have 2 Achievements left. For one, we need to complete a mowing Contract on the 4th of July with the Toro mower we kept. However, you may have noticed, we didn't get to work on the 4th of July in 2021. We have to skip ALLLLL the way to July 4th of 2022 to be able to get the Achievement. So, skip forward as you have been. You have plenty of money to get there. Just skip Litter contracts by going to the van and skip mowing contracts by skipping the ground check, driving forward and back on the ramp to trigger the end. This will approximately take you an hour to an hour and a half depending on how fast you get the skipping down. The first year runs through the end of September on 2021, and will restart in March of 2022.


    Once you get in the groove of skipping, it is easy to stop paying attention and if you skip BEYOND the 4th of July in 2022, the game autosaves and you'll have to skip another whole year, so be aware of what day it is.

    Once you get to the 4th of July of 2022, pick the easiest Contract, grab your Toro mower and Complete it. Once you skip the post-Contract screen, you'll unlock the "Lawn on the 4th of July" Achievement(37/42).

    All we have left is the 100 miles Achievement and the Challenges Achievements.

    For the final time, skip forward until the General Cut Contract for the Rear Garden at Rowley Manor shows up. Make sure you repair your Toro to 100% before you start the Contract, and what we are going to do is drive the mower down to the lawn, rubber band the RT and manipulate the left analog however you'd like so that your mower is driving in a circle. (I do recommend doing this with a damaged controller or one you don't like so you don't ruin the analog of a good controller).

    Check the achievement tracker for this. It's going to take about 4 minutes per percent left. So, if you need 10%, you'll need to drive in a circle for 40 minutes. Doing this from 0 miles would take just under 8 hours. Its a little frustrating, but its 7 hours of hands-off grinding, whereas you either need to do it yourself for 7 hours, or play the game doing contracts until it pops, which will likely double the time needed because of the menus and loading, etc. If you want to watch video of it, check the Final Career Video. You HAVE to drive back on to the ramp and skip past the post-Contract screen for ANY of your miles driven to count, so keep that in mind. You don't have to mow anything, but you need to drive back on the ramp like we do when skipping the mowing contracts. Once done, you will unlock the "Centurion" Achievement(38/42) which is the final Career Achievement!

    Now, exit out of Career and tab over to the Challenges.


    The Challenges will likely take you 10-15 hours or so. It depends on how quickly you pick them up. Completing all of them on your first try will take around 8 hours, but more than likely the Expert ones will take a few tries.

    Below are individual videos detailing each Expert Challenge. These are, by far, the most challenge you will experience in this game. Here are some individual tips for each.

    Fuel Challenges always give you enough fuel to be patient. Don't be rushed by the flashing red Fuel Gauge.

    Mowing Challenges, especially into the Professional and Expert ones, are more a matter of managing your Engine Overloads. Learn how to manage the Engine Damage and the Challenges become much easier.

    Stripe Challenges, although not in the Amateur tier, are not strictly about following the arrows to a T, but rather striping to a T. Use the arrows as guidelines, but you don't need to follow the arrows exactly. You simply need to alternate the stripes. (You can hit RB in these levels to bring up the arrows in the grass)

    Plan out your strategy and figure out where your trailer ramp is so that when you complete a challenge, you can get to the ramp quickly. Driving straight onto the ramp will save you a lot of time at the end of a Challenge, but there is a risk to be penalized, so weigh that with how much of a Fine you can still handle.

    Sometimes you'll need a run or two just to get used to the mower.

    I also recommend skipping to the end of my videos so you see the Percentage Cut you need to complete the level. 99.0 and 99.5 are a significantly easier prospect than 99.9, especially for the Expert Challenges.

    The Amateur and Professional Challenges are straightforward enough with the videos so there is no excess text, but I will also be including some tips for each specific Expert Challenge.

    =====Expert Challenge 1=====

    The first Expert Challenge can be the most daunting for those who aren't ready. The 41:00 minute limit combined with a Stiga mower that can't handle the high grass means a long practice in managing your Engine overloads, and incredible frustration if you fail 35 minutes in. There are no fines to really worry about here. This Challenge is designed to get you ready to handle the unforgiving Engine Damage limits that will be there in all 8 Expert Challenges.

    =====Expert Challenge 2=====

    A striping Challenge with a 95% Stripe Rating requirement seems daunting, but shouldn't be any trouble. The video helps quite a bit with the striping challenges, but just remember. Hitting RB brings up arrows for use as guidelines, but you don't need to follow them perfect. Simply alternate your stripe cuts, stay straight and NEVER drive the wrong direction on the lawns and you'll be fine.

    =====Expert Challenge 3=====

    Mowing Ripley Park is difficult because there are no clear boundaries between the sections of the park that you're supposed to mow and the ones you aren't, and Ripley Park is glitched currently and constantly tells you that you are mowing the wrong grass even if you aren't. I HIGHLY recommending skimming the video to make sure you know which patches of grass you need to mow throughout the Challenge before you head in, so you don't need to constantly use the ProView. Fines are a big concern on this one, so drive carefully.

    =====Expert Challenge 4=====

    Another Stripe Challenge, but it still only has a 95% Stripe Rating needed. Similar to the first Expert Stripe Challenge, the penalties aren't a concern. Your focus should be on cutting quickly without overloading your Engine, and following the alternating stripes. You can hit RB to bring up arrows as guidelines, but remember, you don't need to follow them. You just need to alternate the directions of your cuts and keep your cuts relatively straight. You will need to empty out your mower's Container before you finish, but you should have time to do so.

    =====Expert Challenge 5=====

    The first significant Challenge in the Expert Tier requires perfection. This was the last Expert Challenge I completed. I don't consider it the most difficult, but IMO it does require the best combination of time and speed of any of the Challenges. You have almost no room for Penalties and Fines and you have a LOT of hedges and flower beds to cut near. I recommend watching the video to get an idea for the path I follow and which areas to cut in the quadrants first.

    =====Expert Challenge 6=====

    Easily the most frustrating Challenge in the game. Its not difficult once you understand the entire Challenge, but you have to be very slow and very careful. Despite being a fuel Challenge, fuel should never be your concern. You have PLENTY of fuel. The problem is you have park benches, Statues and a Bandstand to cut near, and hitting any of them even once will Fine you enough to end your run. Not only that, you are driving one of the most difficult mowers to control. Let the video help you, as you'll spend the first 15 minutes or so edging near the walls, statues and bandstand, then spend the rest of the time slowly chipping away at the remaining grass. This requires an insane amount of patience and/or skill, so good luck!

    =====Expert Challenge 7=====

    There are three things that will frustrate you with this Challenge. Engine overloads, the time limit, and the mower discharge. The mower discharge can be minimized by edging everything with the left side of your mower. The other two are a test of how well you can manage your Engine and still cut quickly. Again, let the video show you the order you should cut....and although you don't see my failed attempt, don't do what I did and fail with 10 seconds left by running into the side of the ramp when you're about to finish. *sigh*

    =====Expert Challenge 8=====

    The Eighth and Final Challenge of the game is the Striping Challenge to end all Striping Challenges. However, don't be fooled by the collector or Time. The goal is the same as all the others. Alternate your stripes, straighten your cuts, use RB to bring up the arrows as a guide for straight cuts, and IGNORE the collection. Take it relatively slow to make sure you cut all of the grass and don't overload your engine, and once you finish this one you'll have one of the rarest achievements in the game!

    You get Achievements for Completing your first Challenge, Completing all Amateur Challenges, Completing all Professional Challenges, and finally for Completing all Expert Challenges, giving you 42/42 Achievements and 1000G! Congratulations!

    If anything is unclear or you have a question, let me know!
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