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PSA: Be Wary Of Royal Tombs (Crash Issue)

  • GhughGhugh1,332,712
    Posted on 07 September 21 at 13:03, Edited on 07 September 21 at 16:33 by Ghugh
    Royal Tombs have a boss at the end (As least as far as I know this is the only one, never seen any others) named the Griffin. Without fail, every time I play against it on console it crashes my console and says it overheated. I'm on Series X and have not had this error a single time in the last year, only when I play Craftopia do I get it. If you're on console, I would steer clear of those dungeons
  • Posted on 07 September 21 at 16:59
    I just found the Griffin in an open field and got the same outcome when I landed the killing blow. Not impressed.
  • KugareKugare3,844,160
    Posted on 07 September 21 at 17:10, Edited on 07 September 21 at 21:33 by Kugare
    If you go to the settings of the game you can use a low (graphic) preset and evade the crash. I had the same issue with my series x console, after changing the settings it was fine, but still kinda laggy.
  • Posted on 07 September 21 at 20:08
    The tornado attack really needs to be dialed back because it made my Xbox one x fans work full speed and made the game go to a near standstill while fighting the griffin. (Had same issue with the bone dragons tornado attack too) I'd advise doing the fight on xcloud if you have anything below a Xbox one x.
  • DyssidentDyssident2,546,531
    Posted on 09 September 21 at 01:01
    On Xbox Series S and default graphics settings, the tornado attack lags the game to 1 FPS for a few seconds but I've never experienced a crash with it (yet).
  • innoShadesinnoShades128,572
    Posted on 09 September 21 at 03:44
    I've been playing it on xCloud on PC and it has the same problem.

    Both the tomb version and the open world griffin(though that didn't pop the achievement)
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