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Offering Achievement Assistance!

  • catrancatran417,924
    Posted on 13 September 21 at 23:44
    Thanks for doing this!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 September 21 at 10:22
    i have all the bosses listed and all the required items needed to finish the game in less an hr and i'm able to help 3 people at once. msg my xbl tag if interested.
  • Dylan XBADylan XBA189,194
    Posted on 02 October 21 at 05:34
    Huge shoutout to Dr Latour.
    Sent him a message and had the full 1k within the hour.

    Thanks mate
  • KY PRO 2008KY PRO 20081,515,423
    Posted on 10 October 21 at 01:53
    ty for the help dr latour hmu anytime
  • Stormborn64Stormborn64687,454
    Posted on 11 October 21 at 03:37
    haven't started this yet, but just wanted to say I can vouch for this discord, everything worked great for dayZ
  • Muttley n0wMuttley n0w193,656
    Posted on 17 October 21 at 02:58
    KY PRO 2008 said:
    ty for the help dr latour hmu anytime
    I want to add, I was struggling with my last 2 chieves. I speant a few hours with my buddy to get them, then 6 hours by myself. Then I messaged dr latour and he got me the last 2 within 5 minutes. Dude's a goddamn hero. Much respect to him.
    luke n0w, PhD
  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist380,385
    Posted on 22 February 22 at 01:21
    Well looks like we have a removed gamer, good thing Z792 is still helping people!
  • Dave BodomDave Bodom1,953,276
    Posted on 22 February 22 at 01:25, Edited on 22 February 22 at 01:29 by Dave Bodom
    Thank you Z for your help, it meant alot x
  • Dr LatourDr Latour920,534
    Posted on 23 March 22 at 14:43
    I am able to still help people with craftopia,
    Posted on 23 March 22 at 14:48
    Thinking about jumping back into this. I want to try some of the weapons you mentioned. I don't really need achievement help. I think the only things I really have left are certain boss achievements.

    I will get around to joining the Discord at some point :)
  • DragonLordTLDragonLordTL1,131,701
    Posted on 25 July 22 at 13:38
    Thanks for the help Dr Latour. Quick and easy
  • SadShiftySadShifty1,188,157
    Posted on 04 September 22 at 04:40
    Dr Latour really made getting all of the achievements a walk in the park. I highly recommend him to anybody! Thanks again!
  • Sir PaulygonSir Paulygon1,054,533
    Posted on 04 September 22 at 23:57
    Might just have to reach out the doctor! ...especially since it's leaving GP soon.
    Don't worry about criticism from people that you wouldn't seek advice from.
  • FifthBloodHellFifthBloodHell1,419,259
    Posted on 07 September 22 at 16:01
    Was missing only one boss that I couldn't find anywhere. After a message to Dr Latour hoping he would still have the game installed and voila he helped me with the achievement.
    Big kudos to Dr Latour for helping the community to get the achievements, wish you the best mate and thanks again.
  • JevanssssJevanssss285,761 285,761 GamerScore
    Posted on 08 September 22 at 08:28
    If anyone could help me out with this before it leaves GamePass it would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  • Zohan2099Zohan2099306,194
    Posted on 08 September 22 at 21:51
    Gotta continue giving props to Dr Latour! Awesome guy, can't thank him enough!
  • ch41n54wch41n54w283,946
    Posted on 09 September 22 at 06:20
    Same here! Was missing the boss achievements and Dr Latour helped me out in no time. Thanks a ton again!
  • LordKevin75LordKevin752,700,980
    Posted on 09 September 22 at 13:59
    Thx Dr Latour awesome gamer
  • GrawlNLGrawlNL405,265
    Posted on 09 September 22 at 16:16, Edited on 09 September 22 at 16:16 by GrawlNL
    Chipping in to say Dr Latour helped me get all the achievements in a very short time. Thanks a lot.
  • DL TsuDL Tsu118,931 118,931 GamerScore
    Posted today at 03:45
    Dr Latour said:
    I am able to still help people with craftopia,
    Sorry to bother you but are you still offering help or did I make it too late?
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