Game Discussion: Life is Strange: True Colors

Pressed Rose achievement glitched?

  • CraigTMGCraigTMG173,282
    Posted on 14 September 21 at 01:42, Edited on 14 September 21 at 01:46 by CraigTMG
    Has anyone else been unable to unlock this achievement? I’ve unlocked the memory on three different occasions and have tried restarting the game and hard resetting the console.
    I presume it’s something on Square’s end, right?

    The game is giving me credit for its discovery on the Chapter Selection, and funnier yet I do have the Emotional Archeologist achievement (for finding all the Memories in the chapter.)
  • FQXFQX307,670
    Posted on 16 September 21 at 14:21
    it'll probably pop on its own in a few days. Otherwise maybe clear cache, reinstall and chapter select chapter 4 and pick it up again?

    This fixed it when I had this issue on a collectible on Life is strange before the storm. Same devs so might help for you.
  • Posted on 29 September 21 at 20:14
    Didn’t pop for me straight away but after about 5 minutes it did
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