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Xbox game releases — September 27th to October 3rd

  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 22:22
    Spring Shields said:
    Chernobylite and Hot Wheels Unleashed! toast
    Did we just become brothers? My choices exactly! toast
  • Insane 100sInsane 100s1,270,820
    Posted on 28 September 21 at 03:54
    Was interested in Chernobylite until I noticed the developer made a game with an unobtainable achievement that they never fixed. Not giving money to devs who don't fix broken achievements.
    vL Insane Lv
  • Escaflowne01Escaflowne01736,874
    Posted on 28 September 21 at 06:52
    Imothep Czech said:
    Chernoblite price?? How much.
    Around the £23.99 mark.
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