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FIFA 22 review

  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 07:09
    Football fanatic Kes sat down for many, many hours of the latest football sim from EA, FIFA 22. How does this year's iteration fare after a few years of mediocrity?

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    Posted on 27 September 21 at 07:22
    But is it me or are the player likeness actually getting worse every year?
  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 07:30
    Never believe a fair review of FIFA can be made until its fully released and you're allowing time for the "meta" to be found, which despite all other changes will still be Pace.
  • xNotStopEvilxNotStopEvil297,842
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 08:04, Edited on 27 September 21 at 08:05 by xNotStopEvil
    8/10 for another fifa game. Again, all years.. I know.
  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 08:20
    You think player likenesses would get better not worse with every console gen.
    But thats Fifa for you
  • Maw N PawMaw N Paw839,512
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 08:27
    Fifa, the cookie cutter game.
    There is always a way.
  • Paul LaserbeamPaul Laserbeam1,982,700
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 08:44
    Allow me to sum up this review right quick:
    You play as man and you kick ball, is pretty good.
  • MeetTheCynicMeetTheCynic422,298
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 08:48
    Great review smile

    Haven’t played since FIFA 19 myself, but does sound like they are finally trying to improve things. I just wish they’d make career mode more immersive.
  • NatorDomNatorDom379,432
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 09:11
    Really good and insightful review, thanks!

    I have played part of the 10 hour trial and also unlocked 11/37 achievements. Most are similar or the same as last year and a few seem quite grindy.

    Creating a new club was quite fun and choosing who to replace in each league. Maybe EA learnt this was an option after Codemasters suggested it to them following its implementation in F1 2020. How innovative of EA to only realise this was an option in 2021...
  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 09:16
    xNotStopEvil said:
    8/10 for another fifa game. Again, all years.. I know.
    If it is any consolation, I would have given 21 a 6/10 at launch, and 20 a 7/10.
  • TheIrishBeastTheIrishBeast1,484,360
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 09:22
    Is the new FUT Division Rivals now set for everyone to start at Div 10 and have to work all the way up to Div 4? Seems like that will take a really long time and heavily skill dependent. On the early access trial I was up against 84 rated 100 chem teams with my starter 79 all french team.

    I have also came across incredible lag in every game in FUT where it starts off green bars low ping then one side goes red and the other yellow then both networks vanish it freezes then the next gameplay speeds up to catch up. It is incredibly annoying and happens even in friendlies. Anyone else see this?
  • pezza888pezza888148,353
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 09:33
    Sounds good this year, especially the bit about making your own club for career mode. Not a fan of the achievement list though honestly, especially put off with 90 rating in Volta, and some of the online coop stuff. So I think I’ll stick to PES this year!
  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 09:56
    To be honest, this is the first FIFA for me that I have enjoyed and noticed differences since FIFA 16. I have played the 10 hour trial BUT I made the jump from playing FIFA 21 on my Xbox One S to FIFA 22 on my Xbox Series X. So it might just be the console jump which helps the most too.
  • Boots OrionBoots Orion785,903
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 12:21
    Very thorough review. Nice job.
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  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 13:19
    They usually fiddle with the gameplay throughout the year in patches resulting in the usual stuff being the meta by the end, classic FIFA move too advertising create a club as a new feature when just like being able to jump into simmed matches they were both there over a decade + 2 console generations ago.
    Grand Slam Tennis 2 world #1
  • Posted on 27 September 21 at 13:41
    "As live service as it gets"

    Also a thought for PC Gamer being sold an old gen version for full price
    Gamertag created when i was a kid. Havnt been able to think of something original but classy since then. Feedback welcome.
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 14:30
    I have to agree that the gameplay is the best it's been in years and I am having so much fun with it this year.
    During the beta the gameplay was completely broken and I had no hope for it but it appears that they actually listened to the feedback that players gave, a first for EA I'd wager.
    The thing that makes me optimistic that the gameplay is going to remain pretty much unchanged is the so called big streamers/youtubers of Fifa are actually pretty unanimous that they all love it and have stated that EA please don't patch it back to the old boring style again.
    In previous years they all moaned and bitched that it needs to be faster, more about skill moves and dribbling etc and EA bent over, this year they all seem to love it.
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  • PangoBaraPangoBara1,728,325
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 15:29, Edited on 27 September 21 at 17:44 by PangoBara
    Only mode I care even the slightest about is Pro Clubs (which I put 100s of hours into on 21).

    I'm really excited for the ability to have female players in it, at least if you can make the AI female.

    My squads mess of a team had a wide-ranging cast from the likes of Hank from Breaking Bad to Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo to the Little Lad (that has just now become a tiktok trend outta nowhere lol).

    More variety will be fun. First woman our team will be signing is definitely Mavis Beacon or Miss Frizzle

    FIFA 21 was basically just a broken mess for me and my friends (where our AI where always specifically much worse than others to the point where it is what made the game fun). I'll grab it on sale at some point and play it a bunch again I'm sure.

    (Could not imagine playing a game like this in a way where I care that much about winning and losing. Too much of a nightmare in that sense. I'll stick to my RNG-less competitive multiplayer game Rocket League personally lol)
  • TotalityTotality400,107
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 16:29
    I'm sorry to say but I am inclined to believe this review is the result of some shady business.

    The closing paragraph could not have been written with a straight face. This is easily the worst launch in recent history and going by EA's track record there's not much hope of significant improvements during the game's lifespan.

    Graphics are worse.
    Player likeness, mostly worse.
    Ball physics is laughable.
    The element of randomness is much more frequent which is unbelievable in a supposedly "competitive" game.
    Goalkeepers seem to be better half of the time with these new animations but the other half they are categorically worse because of them.
    I've been a benefactor and a victim of the most ridiculous own goals I've ever seen on FIFA.

    There are positives in the soundtrack, in creating your own club and changes to UT competitions (less games for champs for example) but when the gameplay is this poor, that means very little.

    PLEASE cancel any pre-orders like I have/don't pick FIFA 22 up on release, it is a running theme that less and less effort is put into these games and the gameplay is on the decline. If we keep giving them our money they will keep taking us for granted.
  • Mince lfcMince lfc1,730,923
    Posted on 27 September 21 at 21:15, Edited on 27 September 21 at 21:30 by Mince lfc
    Series xs version on a series s console is barely playable. Constant lag, imput delay and it looks like an original xbox game while playing a match. It's also so blurry i have had to play ultimate team on the xbox one version where it's much better

    I can imagine the review would have been a bit different if played on a xbox series s. Lots of people getting refunds it's that bad lol
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