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DLC no longer available

  • MikeFestMikeFest117,666
    Posted on 01 November 10 at 11:26
    Pinball FX 2 just came out and supports the tables and DLC from the first game. I figured that this would be a good chance to download the Nightmare Mansion and Rocky and Bullwinkle tables for the achievements in the original game and to have for the sequel.

    Unfortunately, It looks like Microsoft has taken down links to the original game and all DLC. I tried downloading Nightmare Mansion for the sequel, but it does not show up as a playable table in the original.

    I'm going to write to xbox support, but it looks like those achievements might be unobtainable for those who have not yet purchased the DLC.facepalm
  • LAFTALAFTA554,708
    Posted on 01 November 10 at 18:05
    Shooting theirselves in the foot here. I'm sure it's probably a cock up and they'll re-appear at some point.

    We all know how they love $ and they aren't going to take away a chance to make even more...
  • MikeFestMikeFest117,666
    Posted on 04 November 10 at 11:04
    Xbox support was useless. It's pretty obvious that they don't really read your message, but either use a program or have someone quickly skim the content for keywords.

    In my original message I referred to Pinball FX as the "original game" to distinguish it from Pinball FX 2. They replied with some generic text about how they no longer support original xbox games. I replied to that message with even more detail and only got another generic response about marketplace content.
  • LAFTALAFTA554,708
    Posted on 04 November 10 at 18:12
    Get on the phone to them..
  • Nighthawk205Nighthawk205367,519
    Posted on 09 November 10 at 22:48, Edited on 10 November 10 at 14:43 by Nighthawk205
    I just looked through the marketplace and you can still find the original Pinball FX. If you go to the "extras" section of Pinball FX2, you can find Pinball FX Classic for 800 msp.

    EDIT: Sorry, sorry, sorry just looked it over more thoroughly and it's just an add-on pack of the original tables. Can't seem to find any place to buy the original game.
  • Ariose999Ariose999637,195
    Posted on 29 January 11 at 18:48
    Does anyone have some news on this matter?
  • Yushir0Yushir0355,183
    Posted on 07 February 11 at 02:20
    I'll add to the frustration. Luckily, I checked here before I downloaded the tables...because I wasn't sure they were compatible. Looks like two more unobtainable achievements on my card...
  • The T113The T113103,401
    Posted on 30 April 11 at 17:22

    Kind of old, but a Zen Studios staff member made a BS "explanation" as to why they had to de-list the Pinball FX DLC. When they could have, just, you know, used the same DLC files but left them in Pinball FX2's download area.
  • Nod NolanNod Nolan744,699
    Posted on 01 May 11 at 16:00
    The dowloadable tables are also unplayable even if you originally bought them

    We WERE told about this on the Zen Studios forums before Pinball FX2 was released though.
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541344,403
    Posted on 17 June 11 at 07:57
    I think they are technically obtainable if you play on an xbox that has the DLC downloaded...or possibly recover the GT of someone who bought the DLC and re-download the dlc via their download history.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 10 August 11 at 05:23

    yeah vegadark, is it also possible when someone has the dlc's and export them to the pc to send it as a zip file ?
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541344,403
    Posted on 10 August 11 at 16:31
    I have no idea...I didn't even know if that was possible? I assume there is some issue about not having the license if you try and do that though, but it's worth a try.
  • BroaBroa123,143
    Posted on 17 September 11 at 03:45
    This sucks a lot!
  • CASS190684CASS190684248,452
    Posted on 02 November 11 at 21:17
    Bugger. I've recently come back to Pinball FX and realized I only have the Buccaneer add on table. I have all the tables on Pinball FX2 but couldn't figure out how to transfer Nightamre Mansion and Rocky and Bullwinkle back to Pinball FX. Hmm so it seems I can't? Great, 40G I can't obtain :( I bought this back when I didn't care about achievements. This is a real pain now. Why didn't they make those tables backwards compatible??? Not happy.
    It's been a constructive day if I've unlocked at least one achievement.
  • MMMDIMMMDI975,180
    Posted on 08 January 12 at 07:27
    A friend of mine owns the Rocky & Bullwinkle DLC, which I need for the achievement. If he signs in on my Xbox, can I download it from his download history and then play it on my account if he stays signed in? Maybe in a local vs match or something?
  • MMMDIMMMDI975,180
    Posted on 05 July 12 at 04:17
    Confirmed: the above does work.
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541344,403
    Posted on 05 July 12 at 06:03
    MMMDI said:
    Confirmed: the above does work.
    Thanks for the heads up, that's the only way I'll be able to ever get those achievements. Now to find someone who has the DLC...
  • wbswbs963,064
    Posted on 06 July 12 at 11:03

    yeah vegadark, is it also possible when someone has the dlc's and export them to the pc to send it as a zip file ?
    How did this person post without a gamertag?
  • drabikdrabik364,107
    Posted on 06 July 12 at 11:32
    wbs 101 said:

    yeah vegadark, is it also possible when someone has the dlc's and export them to the pc to send it as a zip file ?
    How did this person post without a gamertag?
    They have since left the site, so their gamertag is removed from their posts.
    I am *not* a lizard. YouTube channel:
  • GiinceeGiincee533,009
    Posted on 25 January 17 at 07:06
    Does anyone has the 3 DLC's and is willing to share it with me?
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