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Wiped all my progress at 98.5% complete

  • Brandonr4Brandonr4285,546
    Posted on 24 January 22 at 05:57
    I went to the Crytek website and emailed their customer support over 2 weeks ago. Never responded. Not surprising but still aggravating considering the 360 Crysis 3 was a glitch fest too that was never fully patched. Anyone who can contact them, please do. The more complaints, the better chance they might actually do their jobs.
  • xenomorphsxenomorphs640,443
    Posted on 05 February 22 at 16:54
    I got the same problem.
  • Posted on 08 February 22 at 08:44
    So far so good. I have finished my first playthrough and collected all items.
    Have to replay a level to finish off my nanosuit upgrades then I am starting supersoilder.

    On the 360 version of this game there is a glitch that if you buy nanosuit upgrades on Levels 4,5 and 6 it can cause a bug and reset your suit challenges.

    I was aware of this bug so I did not purchase any upgrades once I finished level 3 and until I got to level 7.

    I wonder if this bug also affects what people are experiencing with all data resets.

    I have been playing this game on/off for a few weeks now and no issues has occurred.
  • Posted on 09 February 22 at 19:33
    Well it has just reset my progress.
    Played the 1st 2 levels on ss with no issues.
    Turned off for the night and came back today.
    Loaded up fine with resume and all my collectables.
    When I started playing I noticed that i was getting popups for actions i had already done.
    Finished the level to no 3 missions complete achievement.
    Quit out to find all my progress has been reset.
    So starting again on ss. Luckily i still have all upgrades.
  • Posted on 05 March 22 at 14:30
    Any updates on this? I'm about to grab the remastered trilogy and would like to avoid this bullshit.
  • spargsyspargsy277,390
    Posted on 28 March 22 at 20:19
    Same thing just happened to me. I was doing a collectibles run and was then gonna do SS. I have 95% on both collectibles and weapon attachements.

    Stopped yesterday on the second to last mission. Booted up this evening to find everything completely wiped.

    Probably won't attempt again until this gets patched. I can deal with it once but i don't wanna risk the same thing happening again if I do another run.

    Shame because I was having fun with the game
  • kriegirkriegir536,443 536,443 GamerScore
    Posted on 05 April 22 at 03:05, Edited on 05 April 22 at 03:11 by kriegir
    Mann I am so pissed. I was also at like 98 percent with the couple random cheevos left. Now gotta do it all again? For it to possibly fuck up again. Sucks man because the trilogy was amazing and flawless up until the very end.. So brutal
  • Ridden ukRidden uk202,901
    Posted on 17 April 22 at 07:53
    Same happened to me. Completed the game, went to collect one intel that id missed and found my progress had been reset. I still had the upgrades. The game needs to be patched before I play on SS, max out the skills and claim the last collectible.
  • JBIovesJBIoves2,975,568
    Posted on 07 May 22 at 05:12
    Looks like I won’t be starting this lol
  • Posted on 08 May 22 at 00:29
    It's still doing it as of today, so be wary lol
  • Brandonr4Brandonr4285,546
    Posted on 08 June 22 at 04:56
    This is ridiculous they haven’t fixed it.
  • Posted on 07 July 22 at 16:44
    Any news on this being fixed? Currently working through second playthrough for collectibles so will let everyone know how I get on!
  • Posted on 07 July 22 at 18:45
    Went on to carry on my second playthrough on super soldier difficulty and all progression wiped apart from nano suit upgrades and weapon attachments, cant even mission select, fcuk this gamewarning
  • Brandonr4Brandonr4285,546
  • Posted on 23 August 22 at 11:55
    I was reset as well but only when I used the 'Replay Mission' menu item.

    My first playthrough was on Recruit and collected every intel except I forgot one.
    Everything unlocked fine. So I used the 'Replay Mission' menu item, got the collectible
    and achievement popped. I closed the game to continue my Super Soldier run another day.

    So, next time I started the game everything was reset except my Nano Suit unlockables.

    I started my Super Soldier run and completed everything except for Brute Force unlockable, I did the Super Soldier run in multiple playthroughs. I was fine as I did not use the 'Replay Mission' menu item before I finished my Super Soldier run.

    As I only needed Brute Force unlockable I made sure I got it (with Replay Mission) before I closed the game as the combination of Replay Mission and quitting the game seems to reset everything.
  • CorleoneGangCorleoneGang334,666
    Posted on 20 September 22 at 18:27
    Baffled this hasn't been patched yet...completely unacceptable...
  • Stark MarineStark Marine1,038,213
    Posted on 24 September 22 at 01:57
    I woke up to this surprise today. One intel left to grab, one weapon attachment and two upgrades. What a scam this game is.
  • CorleoneGangCorleoneGang334,666
    Posted on 24 September 22 at 17:45
    Stark Marine said:
    I woke up to this surprise today. One intel left to grab, one weapon attachment and two upgrades. What a scam this game is.
    Did you already collect this stuff and now it said that?
  • Stark MarineStark Marine1,038,213
    Posted on 25 September 22 at 13:44
    CorleoneGang said:
    Stark Marine said:
    I woke up to this surprise today. One intel left to grab, one weapon attachment and two upgrades. What a scam this game is.
    Did you already collect this stuff and now it said that?
    No, those were the only things left for me to collect. I was planning on going back to the missions via "Replay Mission", but it's not possible. Same issue as many others reported, after you finish the game, your progress get wiped.
  • thatNoseyParkerthatNoseyParker1,469,436
    Posted on 26 September 22 at 23:48, Edited on 26 September 22 at 23:50 by thatNoseyParker
    Since I've completed this now and after reading all this my advice to new players is:
    - Try to get everything bar maxing all suit upgrades and difficulty on your first run. Suit upgrades (and possibly weapon attachments?) are the only things safe from the save wipe
    - You can safely break this playthrough up into several sessions. Reloading checkpoints is also fine.
    - Do not spend suit upgrades points during missions 4-6 (inclusive). There's a bug carried from the original game where you may permanently lose those perk points and need to restart after deleting your save
    - You can do recruit or jump straight into SS if you want. I personally did recruit first.
    - After your first playthrough, do not close the game or try mission select, this is what causes the wipe.
    - Instead, if you still need it, Start a "New game" on SS and run through it in one session. Don't worry, it's quite short and easy, maybe a couple of hours? This is also where you want to complete those suit upgrades. The only one I'll mention is Brute Force power kicks, you can get this out of the way during the first half of mission 2, when you're going through the inside of some rusty buildings. There's a couple of generators(?) you can kick in each enemy section.
    - This is also where you can try again for any misc you might have missed the first time. For me, it was actually the story related achievement for completing Red Star Rising, which didn't pop during my first run.

    - A final side note, I personally had an issue with the 10 turret kills and 25 supercharge kills getting stuck and 9 and 24 kills, respectively. After completing my second playthrough, I rebooted the game to confirm what I'd heard about the progress wiping. I then did a quick third run through to unlock those bugged achievements.

    For anyone wanting a walkthrough, I found this really useful to avoid missing stuff on my recruit run
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