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Echo Generation review

  • Posted on 20 October 21 at 15:04
    Wondering what to try next on Xbox Game Pass, or looking for your next turn-based adventure? Check out what we thought of Echo Generation!

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  • Gh05tFameGh05tFame72,994
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 15:26
    Great review! Was always going to check this out but good to know the lows and highs ahead of time.
  • Ryuukishi634Ryuukishi634608,255
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 15:30
    Great to see the comparison to Costume Quest; I love that series. This looks like a perfect Halloween treat!
  • IceeLadyIceeLady118,548
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 15:30
    Thanks for the review, Heidi. From the demo, I was expecting a family type fun game with jokes and nostalgic items added in for the adults. I am disappointed that it’s leaning towards Stranger Things as we’ve already played that game. Not looking forward to a copycat 😭
  • mkdfanmkdfan820,077
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 15:39
    I LOVE the style of this. It reminds me of a more fleshed out ‘The Touryst’. I’m a bit wary of turn based combat these days but I won’t let it stop me from trying it. Great review 👍
  • MehanizamMehanizam354,015
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 18:15
    Keep it up looking for interesting titles which could otherwise be overseen
  • jasonlc3221jasonlc3221964,760
    Posted on 20 October 21 at 21:00
    I love voxel art games, so naturally I've had a huge interest in this one. Glad to see the decent score. Even if it was lower, I would still play it. Now just waiting for Moonglow Bay review wink
  • SnorehammerSnorehammer116,121
    Posted on 21 October 21 at 00:00
    Excited to try this one. Thanks for the review.
  • DiegoTanDiegoTan344,738
    Posted on 21 October 21 at 21:02
    I'm usually open-minded about odd stylistic choices, but these main heroes are just too ugly for me to digest. Also not a fan of the last years and years of forced 80s and lately 90s nostalgia. We should all live less in the past and focus on the present (however silly this may sound in a comment section of a site devoted to meaningless scores in videogames... did I just get an existential crisis? Maybe)
    Please make a better reply system True Achievements... The current system is ages old.
  • Posted on 22 October 21 at 05:18
    does anyone have any idea is this a short or lenghty game?
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  • Morbid237Morbid2371,003,377
    Posted on 22 October 21 at 05:28
    I love the art style and setting of this, but the combat is horrendous. You're right it's extremely repetitive, and healing is a big issue. The simplest and obvious solution would be to restore the party's heath after each fight. I'm sure they developers considered that, but decided against it. I guess in an attempt to make the game more challenging, but that's not at all what I'm looking for in a game like this, and I think they failed miserably in the combat half of the game.
  • oromexboxoromexbox93,841
    Posted on 25 October 21 at 19:41, Edited on 25 October 21 at 19:48 by oromexbox
    NasserWzone said:
    does anyone have any idea is this a short or lenghty game?
    I'm only 4 hours in and I think I might be bordering 40% of the game completed. It takes some level up grinding to face the bosses but nothing criminal, so story wise it must be pretty short.

    The bad thing is there are collectibles, and I don't think there are any guides out there at the moment to know where to look for each, you have to venture out there on your own so to speak.

    It's not an overly complicated or tricky game though, it's sweet and simple.

    Edit: Sorry, there weren't any guides when I looked, but there are now thanks to the helpful people on this site, lol.
  • xVLx ReaperxVLx Reaper452,846
    Posted on 13 November 21 at 07:46
    I 100% the game and enjoyed most everything about it. A lot of people are complaining about the difficulty which I can understand to an extent. The turn-based battle system requires precise timing to deal damage and block it. If you cannot master the quick button prompts at least 90% of the time during the battles, you are not going to have a good time. I can see why this system is so divisive among the people that have tried the game. You are thrown into it almost immediately and you either sink or swim. After you master that you feel accomplished and the game gets a lot more fun. I also almost quit in the beginning as well. I stayed with it and after leveling up a few times no challenge the game threw at me battle wise was hard. I love the art style and the story is funny. If you can get over the QTE style battle system this game has a lot to offer!
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