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Xbox game releases — October 25th to 31st

  • CanezzaCanezza250,361
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 08:00
    How are your backlogs? Are they looking quite full? Well, you'd better find some room in there as a whopping 29 games join the Xbox platform next week, including Age of Empires IV, Riders Republic, and more.

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  • yamayamayaamaayamayamayaamaa1,096,455
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 08:18
    Story of Seasons. rock
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 09:29
    I've been waiting for Moonglow Bay.
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 09:31
    Wait wait?! Yomi wo Saku Hana is getting a western release on Xbox?! I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale on the Japanese store for ages and it just never does, so if it’s playable in Japanese from this release too I’ll call it a win.
  • Reina WattReina Watt628,916
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 09:35
    Very tempted to get Story Of Seasons, I am expecting to receive a £25 gift card in a few days time, getting the remaining tenner though will be tricky so I would probably have to wait until next month.
    Why get a life when as a gamer you live more lives than you can manage
  • ChPainkillerChPainkiller604,453
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 10:47
    Am I correct that Friends of Mineral Town is a remake from the GBA harvest moon?

    if yes I probably have to pick it up loved that game
  • Clad masterClad master3,878,286
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 11:35
    And Backbone in Game Pass for Xbox the 28th October if I'm correct
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 13:18
    Didn't Aeon Must Die! come out already? I have it purchased already.
  • Thay SA 23Thay SA 23500,916
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 13:38
    story of seasons on Xbox, cant wait!!!
  • XwolfanXXwolfanX885,631
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 15:43
    1% good AAA game 99%hot air (garbage) gaming knowadays
    ^ this guy, what can you spect from a GT like this
  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken1,437,965
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 15:59, Edited on 24 October 21 at 16:02 by MrZombieChicken
    Some really interesting stuff this week. I had never heard of Wind Peaks nor Roki, but now they're on my radar. Story of Seasons and Guardians of the Galaxy will have to wait until I have time which won't be this year. Moonglow bay may be played sooner rather than later.

    It's interesting that the achievement list for Moonglow Bay has not been released yet.
    This space for rent.
  • Mike MarcelaisMike Marcelais1,198,275
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 16:30
    SquiSquiSquidio said:
    Is it a typo that Röki has a TA score of 1009?
    No. Seven people have started it (most likely review copies) and unlocked a few achievements so those achievements have ratios, raising the TA score about the baseline 1.0 ratio.
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 17:05
    Tried Riders Republic demo and the servers are down. Great start
  • ElyohElyoh1,076,550
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 17:42
    AoE4, only 3 days away...
    No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
  • Inspector 74Inspector 74501,743
    Posted on 24 October 21 at 17:54
    Riders Republic looks like a typical Ubisoft ‘copy and paste’ yawnothon, I beleive the servers have been iffy over the weekend which the man above me said ‘great start’
    Lotta games dropping next week but nothing really tickling my pickle
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 18:03
    At-least 10 hours of content and a decent price and we'll see.
  • Posted on 24 October 21 at 23:06
    How much DLC money will Dovetail try to squeeze out of Bassmasters?

    Also I can't help but laugh at the fact that Marvel games don't use the movie likeliness of their characters and rely on comic book similarities and therefore all end up looking like some budget knockoff.
  • ProPeanutsProPeanuts511,643
    Posted on 25 October 21 at 13:19
    Sigh, games these days...
    ProPeanuts - Dedicated for achievements!
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm643,034
    Posted on 25 October 21 at 14:12
    I probably will not buy the recharged version but I have fond memories of playing Black Widow in the arcades almost 40 years ago.
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