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Xbox sale round-up: October 26th, 2021

  • flashisdoomflashisdoom419,335
    Posted on 26 October 21 at 16:38
    Probably gonna pick up a few gamerscore games but overall this sale is weak as hell
  • RiIeyRiIey1,194,713
    Posted on 26 October 21 at 18:10
    JayPsych47 said:
    Nerf Legends page says it came out last week but no achievement list yet?
    Game not coming out until next month.
  • Divine FearDivine Fear394,432
    Posted on 26 October 21 at 21:37
    Frites Mayo 76 said:
    I already platinumed them when they released on ps3 but i'm tempted to double dip to replay them on my SeX, does anybody still play borderlands 2 and presequel online? If yes, are still some people help other power level a bit?
    Not sure about Presequel as I’ve yet to see many LFG posts for it, but borderlands 2 had a very active community and helped me get all bosses and lv50 through LFG posts.
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,950,166
    Posted on 27 October 21 at 06:49
    Being a fan of rougelites, I think I will pick up SourgeBringer and Demon's Tier.

    Oh, and probably Guards since it is under a dollar.
  • xKrypt0xKrypt018,495 18,495 GamerScore
    Posted on 28 October 21 at 23:07
    Is there anywhere I can see information on sales that do not show up on the Discount tab on the website - for example games with a 20% off pre-order discount ? Or do I just have to look in a place for games not released.

    As I have seen 20% titles on the sale - but other times they are just missing. (such as Light Fairy Tale 2)

    I agree the new store layout has it's good and bad points - I don't hate the layout and it does look more like the console interface, but the problem is it suffers from feature strip - such as not telling the end date for an item on sale any more - even though it does tell you on the console dashboard - meaning I have to have the computer and the console on to get the full features as some access to features is missing on both methods now.

    Shame as when the deals page actually worked it was easier to use than the console. Since the navigation is a little bit convoluted on the console.
  • Posted on 28 October 21 at 23:36
    Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Underworld (backwards compatible) are on sale at $2.99 as well.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm648,975
    Posted on 29 October 21 at 19:08
    Hybridchld said:
    Maybe this is the week I'll finally buy Bound by Flame...

    Probably not though
    Go for it. I played it a month ago & highly recommend it.
  • Jelbrehir8Jelbrehir8487,114
    Posted on 29 October 21 at 21:57
    Atlas is on sale. The game is listed as a "preview" and came out back in 2019. No achievements. I have to guess that this would be a gamble that the full game ever is released with achievements.
  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl241,536
    Posted on 31 October 21 at 18:17
    I have a question about Control. The Ultimate Edition is on sale, and I noticed that it includes the original version + DLC, so you can double dip. I prefer physical copies; does anyone know if the physical Ultimate Edition also includes the original version?
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