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Xbox sale round-up: November 2nd, 2021

  • Boots OrionBoots Orion1,089,512
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 13:31
    Schinderdiv said:
    I see some DLC in bundles I would have purchased if it were sold on sale separately. What a shame. I lose out on more gameplay, developers lose out on more money. Wouldn't a win/win situation be more beneficial? I really don't understand the idea of putting ONLY bundles on sale. You're only capturing the audience that's never purchased the game before and losing out on those who only want the DLC.
    I completely agree with this. However, as someone who is never in a rush to play any single game....due to an incredibly large backlog....I've learned to just wait for the complete editions (i.e., the bundles) to go on sale.
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  • Boots OrionBoots Orion1,089,512
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 13:34
    CheshireMulisha said:
    ASUnknown1 said:
    Nothing for me apart from the Van Helsing Trilogy which looks like a good deal. Trials Rising Digital Gold Edition is still overpriced considering it doesn't include one of the DLCs (the most expensive one naturally).
    They always put the trilogy on sale, but never individually. 1 and 3 were GWG, so only need 2.
    I've noticed this too. Same goes for Scrabble. I got the Hasbro bundle with 6 games a while ago, and have been waiting for Scrabble to have a decent sale ever since (it wasn't one of the 6 games). It's never been more than 30% off since I've had it in my wishlist...and nowadays anything less than 60% off (for a sale) doesn't pique my interest.
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  • J2B9J2B91,228,037
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 16:11
    SquiSquiSquidio said:
    There’s also a Xbox Games Specials that’s going on right now. I’m seeing Deaths Door, Darksiders Gensys, bunch of Resident Evil games. Never saw a story on this.
    That was the Halloween sale
    Xbox Shocktober Sale is now live
  • The CherishedThe Cherished1,996,658
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 16:34
    Dutch x Monster said:
    xXMalakian XVII said:
    The Cherished said:
    Ugh.... I really should do Prey's online before the servers die.
    Are the servers going to be shut down for this game soon or something?
    There isn't any servers, Peer to Peer game
    Wow, I didn't know that! Now I can procrastinate another decade!
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong528,341
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 16:59
    Cheevolution said:
    TymanTheLong said:
    Cheevolution said:
    The Stories/Omensight Bundle is a steal for under five bucks.
    I haven’t Stories yet, but Omensight was a decent little action RPG. I’d still recommend Obey Me over it, but it was interesting.
    Stories is regularly on sale for under four bucks, maybe you wanna check it out (it came before Omensight). Criminally underrated games.
    Will take a closer look at Obey Me. toast
    Because of the low playerbase i can't really tell if it's really that hard or just not played enough yet.
    I own Stories I’ve just not taken the time to start it yet.

    I can actually answer your question about Obey Me: you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing the story on Normal. Hard Mode is really hard but the game has an excellent, rhythmic combat loop to support it, and getting S Rank on some chapters is also really difficult. However I believe the latter can be done on Easy but it may not be to your advantage as you need the enemies to drop enough spiritual energy (your “go” juice) to fuel your abilities and on Easy some enemies die before you can fill them up and force them to drop the max amount. Anyway, one of the guys on here got S rank on Hard, recently, so it’s possible. The main draw of Obey Me is the excellent combat loop and enemies and the boss battles which are varied and may leave you cursing until you figure them out.
  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o1,798,212
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 17:11
    At some point van helsing 2 has to go on sale on its own. 1 and 3 were great and the scrooge in me won't let me buy a bundle when I own 2 games already.
    Happy Gaming
  • AciD237AciD2371,692,610
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 18:30
    KKHN said:
    AciD237 said:
    Good discount on Gravel.
    Any input on this game?
    It's like a light DIRT 5.

    I appreciate it and its cars selection, the main problems are the AI and the crashes physics. If you like racing games you could give it a try. The DLCs are nice, no achievements but they make some base game achievements less grindy/tedious.
    Thanks. I'll probably get it.
    Dirt 5 was OK. The only really annoying thing was all these DLCs to pay.
  • Posted on 02 November 21 at 19:43
    ^ Just get the bundle (Dirt 5). I think it was £16 when I got it.
  • CheevolutionCheevolution1,011,186
    Posted on 02 November 21 at 21:12
    TymanTheLong said:
    I can actually answer your question about Obey Me
    Thank you very much for sharing, much appreciated!smile
    Have a nice day
  • Posted on 03 November 21 at 01:14
    May as well pick up the Castle of no escape bundle. Can be used for quick gamer score for those 10000 gamer score challenges (if they ever happen again)
  • An AlphyAn Alphy413,732
    Posted on 03 November 21 at 01:44
    spec ops the line is a good buy, id recommend that. its gameplay is a little outdated but the story is solid.
  • Posted on 03 November 21 at 20:11
    not sure ill get owt this time round
  • Posted on 04 November 21 at 03:55
    What is F***ing wrong with THQ-Nordic to RAISE the price of "Legend of Kay - Anniversary" over the years, rather than drop the price? I don't know why I didn't buy it for $2.99 back in April 2017, but since then, it's been $4.49 for several iterations, then $7.99, and now $8.99. I'd have to think this is one of those titles that MS "suggests" to the publisher not to dip the price too much, since it's been $3.99 (on PC) just about everywhere, and even currently now (on PC) at Humble Store. Thanks MS & THQ-Nordic ... you're 100% legit! :-)
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,832,779
    Posted on 06 November 21 at 09:59
    planchetflaw said:
    daringDK2006 said:
    The Wet Chef said:
    "The Amazing American Circus" Is that a game about the US congress headspin
    As a non-American, he feels accurate. Not saying my government is any better, though.
    As an American, the description is apt, except that there's nothing amazing about it.
  • Scrib DeathScrib Death429,991
    Posted on 08 November 21 at 18:01
    Can someone explain why there are 3 versions of "We Are The Dwarves" at different prices? Does one need to buy all 3 to have the complete game? Are some DLC?
    Miles to go before I sleep, and many more Beans to dive.
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