Game Discussion: Street Fighter X Tekken (GFWL)

(online) Help get the remaining achievements

  • biglui81biglui8178,429
    Posted on 09 November 21 at 18:54
    I would like to complete the Games for Windows Live achievements. If Capcom decides to remove it to make the game 100% Steam, these achievements I will never be able to get again, as it happened with other GFWL games.

    I will now play every Saturday all day. Anyone interested in playing with me just follow me on Xbox Live and leave a message and I'll follow back.
  • Posted on 09 November 21 at 20:44
    AFAIK you should be able to play it with GFWL as long as you have it installed (And don't update it to the steam version) I would turn off automatic updates to be safe. All of my steam games w/ GFWL (except one) still have in enabled on my old computer where they are installed (Including Res Evil 5, which has had GFWL completely removed). I can't install them on my new comp though-I imagine I could transfer the files via flash drive, but not sure. It's going to be hard to go back to a 10 year old computer for these, but I'd be willing to try.
  • ProkapustishProkapustish262,432
    Posted on 08 July 22 at 08:18
    Looking for partner for online achievements.
  • ZambiruZambiru41,323
    Posted on 10 August 22 at 10:36
    Hey, I am looking for partner to get online achivements. I am new to fighting games.
  • Posted on 10 November 22 at 20:57
    Zambiru said:
    Hey, I am looking for partner to get online achivements. I am new to fighting games.
    Hello, add me. I need them too. We can help to each other.
  • HucBerCranPerryHucBerCranPerry1,771,903
    Posted on 08 January 23 at 03:52
    Anybody hit me up for this and street fighter 4
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