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Xbox Black Friday Sale 2021

  • Posted on 21 November 21 at 07:25
    None. The only game in this sale that I'm interested in doesn't come with the DLC.
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  • SlabbaSlabba232,848
    Posted on 21 November 21 at 09:16
    It would be great to have a game rating column in the table so you can quickly scan the list to identify the good from the garbage.
  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,776,189
    Posted on 22 November 21 at 02:47
    Forza horizon 4 ultimate for me.
    Crackdown 3!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 November 21 at 08:56
    Finally gave in and got Ryse
  • Rista BRista B847,190
    Posted on 23 November 21 at 22:33
    Disappointing that I can get a lot of these games cheaper elsewhere. Cyberpunk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lost Judgement just to name a few I can find $10 less at least. Couple of others already picked up elsewhere and think MS has only matched the price on one of them. I don't expect MS to beat everyone else's prices but they aren't even competitive with other retailers.
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  • wildwest08wildwest081,750,932
    Posted on 26 November 21 at 04:14
    Decent sale but all of the "big" games have better sales on physical disc. Maybe the We Happy Few season pass to play with game pass version
  • PsiScreamPsiScream615,792
    Posted on 28 November 21 at 23:19
    The Risk of Rain 1 + 2 Bundle is a good price, and I see Valhalla Season Pass is on sale for 50% off which is about all I can expect it will ever be discounted so might as well buy it now. Thronebreaker was on my list since it left GamePass, and the Metro Exodus Season Pass is a good deal too. Not a bad haul.
  • RonMaxRonMax198,160
    Posted on 29 November 21 at 16:49
    I just got $25 from points, and took a long time to decide between Cyberpunk and the Vallhalla/Legions pack for the same $40+tax, looking at the reviews Cyberpunk won... so far so good. Although wish the base prices for year old AAA games was already half.
  • Posted on 08 February 22 at 01:00
    I'm posting only so that we can clear this from our unread threads (the last post was deleted so this won't clear :/ ). Please find a way to prevent this issue, TA staff
    - But that's just my 2¢
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