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Xbox game releases — November 29th to December 5th

  • Posted on 30 November 21 at 10:01
    Asterix & Obelix 🤩
  • Posted on 05 December 21 at 06:26
    Guppy God said:
    Archvale seems like a good potential pickup. Will have to look more into that one :)
    It's a fun little game
  • Posted on 06 December 21 at 18:25, Edited on 06 December 21 at 20:08 by Pink Freud PhD
    Grim Dawn's gameplay is top notch, solid and addictive, easy recommend.

    That said, holy man, the port is barebones and shallow, especially for the almost full AAA retail launch price. The UI is waaaaay too small, almost unreadable at times, and no UI slider even though the PC version already has one. The menus are clearly all designed around mouse and the controller scheme appears an afterthought. All the hint blurbs reference mouse and keyboard.

    Did I mention the ludicrously tiny UI?

    It's an awesome game and a lot of fun but don't go into this expecting a good console port. I don't read half the stuff because I simply can't.
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