Game Discussion: Cards of the Dead

Where are the collectibles?

  • SyphonidesSyphonides606,341
    Posted on 02 December 21 at 14:21
    I'm missing two collectibles. One of Selena's and one of Dan's. I have replayed the game multiple times but still haven't found the missing two. Yes, I know of the little icon that shows up on the HUD when you are in an area with a collectible, but that has not shown up since. Any ideas?
  • Posted on 13 December 21 at 12:49
    For the most part the following is true:

    Selena's documents: Rick's campaign
    Dan's documents: Selena's campaign
    Rick's documents: Dan's campaign

    Replay Rick's and Selena's campaign and you'll get them eventually
  • SyphonidesSyphonides606,341
    Posted on 30 December 21 at 16:41
    Do I really have to play it over and over? Because I must have got 30 more rounds in without finding it.
  • Posted on 10 January 22 at 08:37
    Yes, I did it that way and didn't even know about the icon, if you can't find them they may be inside shops or car stations, I remember I found some inside those.
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