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Achievements not working on PC version - UPDATE from Dev

  • xBlack LovexBlack Love466,906 466,906 GamerScore
    Posted on 17 February 22 at 21:49
    Confirmed. Achievemnts still not working on PC.
  • atryeu1atryeu1395,039
    Posted on 17 February 22 at 22:06
    I guess I'm glad I didn't continue to look into this game to buy yet. What a joke. I miss back in the day when a game had to be released completed and in working order because updates were not really a thing. Seems like once you get to the Xbox 360/PS3 era and onward the game quality at release went downhill and continues to get worse and more sloppy the further along we go now. It's sad that games are allowed to be released so broken now days. Going to go officially remove it from my wishlist for sure then. I'm not going to waste money on a partially broken game -_-
  • Gannon94Gannon94511,669
    Posted on 04 April 22 at 07:11, Edited on 04 April 22 at 07:12 by Gannon94
    April 4th - Still nothing... Humble are terrible, not to mention one of the first mini bosses is pulled straight from The Binding of Isaac
  • ShadowDutyShadowDuty475,862
    Posted on 19 June 22 at 17:54
    June 19th - Achievements still aren't unlocking. So, am I right to assume that achievements are still inaccessible on the PC version 6 MONTHS after its release? That's ridiculous.
  • CiphriusKaneCiphriusKane173,486
    Posted on 22 July 22 at 14:10
    Sheesh, and here I was thinking I'd broken something. I got a chievo in this game as a Warboats target...
  • TrazoboneTrazobone77,644
    Posted on 02 October 22 at 16:38
    Still not unlocking :(
  • ThisIsPrfctThisIsPrfct475,546
    Posted on 15 November 22 at 17:25
    Game has been announced to leave Gamepass on november 30th... this was never fixed, lol. Microsoft should have higher standards, this would never happen on Playstation.
  • JudgeJudge683,759
    Posted on 17 November 22 at 02:48
    It has nothing to do with Microsoft. The dev needs to make a PC build with achievements.
  • inovade 33inovade 33102,896
    Posted on 19 November 22 at 09:28
    dev are aware and dont care
  • MM8DMM8D201,691
    Posted on 20 November 22 at 02:33
    11/19/2022, still not working.
  • Posted on 25 November 22 at 13:28
    It's a shame I started playing this game on pc. I could have played on xbox and got many of the achivements. If the game had Play Anywhere function that would still work as well but no.
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