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    Posted on 03 December 21 at 16:45
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  • EnduroEnduro123,868
    Posted on 03 December 21 at 16:46
    Archvale is a Roguelite mashup of SNES-era Zelda mixed with bullet-hell, "shmup" gameplay. It's certainly unique and at 30-45 minutes of gameplay, I'm not sure it's for me at this point in my gaming career, but I voted

    Hack & Slash
    Shoot 'em up
    Posted on 07 December 21 at 17:50
    It's quite simple - role playing w/ shoot 'em up elements
  • Witcher700Witcher70092,151
    Posted on 10 December 21 at 13:57
    Action Adventure
    Bullet Hell
  • Two TurtlesTwo Turtles574,386
    Posted on 15 December 21 at 22:44
    Not a Roguelite because you lose half your gold on death. "Roguelite games are defined by permanent character death, randomized levels and/or maps with varying items, item locations, enemies, and/or bosses each playthrough."
  • Spinal22Spinal22750,350
    Posted on 25 December 21 at 05:38, Edited on 25 December 21 at 05:39 by Spinal22
    Started this game yesterday, and this is definitely NOT a roguelite game.

    It's a great mix of The legend of Zelda game (NES/SNES) with Manic Shooter (bullet hell) elements.
    Never say DIE
  • RedanianRedanian766,613
    Posted on 25 December 21 at 12:04
    Yeah, it’s not a roguelite at all.
  • SnapDragonSnapDragon1,816,066
    Posted on 29 December 21 at 21:07
    It does have procedurally-generated worlds, but no permadeath, so yeah, not a roguelite. I think I'd agree with shmup, though. Even though you just go from room to room instead of scrolling, the gameplay loop is very reminiscent of a bullet-hell shmup.
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