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Xbox Game Awards Sale now live

  • MonheganMonhegan238,000
    Posted on 10 December 21 at 21:36, Edited on 10 December 21 at 21:42 by Monhegan
    daringDK2006 said:
    Monhegan said:
    Quite a few Pinball FX3 tables also for sale (Bethesda, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Family Guy, and one of the Williams collections)
    Is Pinball FX3 really an 8-10 hour completion like the site says?
    maybe base game, full game with all DLC no way
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,913
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,086,017
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 00:40
    I normally wait for substantial sales before picking up games due to my backlog, but I’m actually pretty tempted by Jurassic World Evolution 2.
  • WillB636WillB636374,549
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 14:48
    Why is RDR2 story mode listed under DLC?
    Killin' grubs is my business and business is good.
  • gtbikegtbike699,656
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 17:12
    I'm thinking about picking up The Vale and the Streets of Rage 4 dlc at those prices.
  • Posted on 11 December 21 at 17:41
    I'm good.
    Gamertag created when i was a kid. Havnt been able to think of something original but classy since then. Feedback welcome.
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,098,065
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 22:34
    Nothing from my price alerts sadly
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,913
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 23:11
    Most of the games I'm interested in are on GamePass. laugh I guess I have to wait for the XMAS sale.
  • GirthshakesGirthshakes497,106
    Posted on 11 December 21 at 23:23
    Maw N Paw said:
    I was excited for Back For Blood when it launched. I was less excited when I actually started to play it.
    It's a great game if you have 2-3 other people to play with you. If you don't, and you're stuck with randoms, they usually suck so you're in for a bad time. Playing with bots sucks too.
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