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Get Unobtainables Fixed: Aaru’s Awakening

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    Posted on 01 January 22 at 21:00, Edited on 01 January 22 at 21:01 by Vudix
    New year, new ideas.

    I figured it might be worth cataloging where I’m at in the process of each game on its respective forum. Might be useful, might not be. If you would like a response or update from me at any time, please quote this post so I receive a notification.

    So here’s what’s wrong:

    On the third fight in hardcore the portals for the boss fight don’t open. I know this is a measly 0G a piece for each but I think it’s safe to say most still want their completion.

    Here’s where we’re at progress-wise:
    Lumenox is no longer together but their staff are alive and well pursuing projects elsewhere. I was able to get in touch with one of them and I’m waiting on the holidays to end so we can see if a fix is feasible.
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