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What is Xbox FPS Boost?

  • CanezzaCanezza220,642
    Posted on 02 January 22 at 14:00
    A few months after the Xbox Series X|S was released, Microsoft announced a new feature called FPS Boost that drastically improves frame rates in older games. Here is everything you need to know about Xbox FPS Boost.

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  • Creamy MmmCreamy Mmm282,780
    Posted on 02 January 22 at 14:03
    Hey guys. I recently tried Sonic Unleashed for the FPS boost, but for some reason the game looks like it's running in 480p on a 4k tv with the Series X. Am I doing something stupid here? I see plenty of videos where it looks incredible on Youtube, but I can't get mine to look that good
  • BrasshandeBrasshande1,459,081
    Posted on 02 January 22 at 14:18
    I've only used this on a couple of Lego games, but in my limited experience it works really well. Excellent feature
    D'yuz gan at death speed?
  • The Wet ChefThe Wet Chef479,692
    Posted on 02 January 22 at 14:21
    The guides usually dont have the comments enabled!
    Mistake or on purpose?
    There is NO stupid questions. Only stupid answers!
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