Game Discussion: Who's Your Daddy?!

Buggy achievements

  • Maw N PawMaw N Paw1,080,149
    Posted on 07 April 22 at 11:41
    I couldn't get the achievement for feeding fruit to the baby to work.
    There is always a way.
  • x CreaM vx CreaM v1,235,345
    Posted on 18 April 22 at 16:46
    Bleach achievement will not unlock at all
  • Posted on 19 April 22 at 12:14
    Remco1986 said:
    Just a heads-up for those who run out of time.
    You can swith the timer to infinite.
    Gamer mom from Finland
  • Posted on 19 April 22 at 12:16
    I couldn't unlock the over-eating achievement on both daddy and baby, drunk driving and killing baby with lawnmower.

    Riding the bulldog as baby was a fun find!
    Gamer mom from Finland
  • LumpiLumpi1,263,602
    Posted on 21 April 22 at 17:51
    Any idea for the Bleech achievement?
  • segagamersegagamer593,390 593,390 GamerScore
    Posted on 07 May 22 at 22:42
    Bleach achievement isn't unlocking for me...
  • Posted on 31 May 22 at 00:46
    Can't drown enough babies for it to pop. I have restarted the game, deleted all data, tried multiple costumes and drowned in kitchen and pool. Nothing.
  • segagamersegagamer593,390 593,390 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 June 22 at 22:10
    I sent an email to the dev about it at - let's see if they respond.
  • EvrClr666EvrClr666574,919
    Posted on 29 August 22 at 03:02, Edited on 29 August 22 at 03:07 by EvrClr666
    Got mostly all, glitchy as hell for me. Bleach I had to drink like 50 or more. Couldn't get the buff one or drown 25 times before trial was up, I think I got hallway. Kept glitching and freezing. Would have got the drown 25 if I could select just the kitchen to flood, the option wasn't there. Everything else unlocked like it was supposed to. Now I have to vote buy this since I'll still need the title update....
  • The CherishedThe Cherished1,566,778
    Posted on 29 August 22 at 20:25
    Started this for the first time ever today and had zero issues with bugs. Everything unlocked when it was supposed to, so maybe the title update fixed everything?
  • segagamersegagamer593,390 593,390 GamerScore
    Posted on 12 September 22 at 21:26
    I quit this until now, and it looks like they've implemented an achievement tracker for achievements like this. I unlocked it just now with no issues.
  • Un SubjectUn Subject604,529
    Posted yesterday at 23:45
    One quirk I experienced was that I set up a game to earn the 'You Are What You Eat' achievement (eat 100 hot dogs) and consumed about 12 packets but my achievement tracker didn't budge from 24%. (12 packets = 144 hot dogs)

    I've come back today to see on TA that I've now unlocked that achievement, so there are delays going on somewhere.

    I also experienced the progress counter not moving on the pills and fruit achievement, but both did unlock in-game.

    At a guess, the game is still keeping count of what you do, but it isn't doing a consistent job of handing that information over to the achievement tracking / unlock system.
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