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December 2021 TA Playlist Wrap-Up: Forza Horizon 5

  • Posted on 10 January 22 at 15:42
    Join us as we break down the TA Playlist game for December. We’ll take a look at all the stats and community feedback from the community’s excursion to Mexico with Forza Horizon 5.

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  • Vok 250Vok 250358,837
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 16:22
    I haven't played it myself, but I have heard that steering wheel support is poor too. All the wheel support problems from FH4 were copy-pasted into FH5. PC players can use 3rd party software to tune and tweak around this problems, but console sim players are left to do trial-and-error in the control settings.

    This has always been an issue for Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios for some reason. Everything from Perfect Dark Zero to Halo Infinite had weird controls and unintuitive settings. These control schemes were perfected back in the 2000s yet MS can't resist messing around with something that isn't broken.
  • AbsconderAbsconder272,194
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 16:46
    It's a buggy mess of a game once you get passed the highly polished and excellent intro. I've put a lot of hours in and both love it and hate it at the same time. I wish the devs would acknowledge the problems and explain what they will fix. The ticket system they use to report bugs is more frustrating than the bugs themselves at times. Once the ticket is 3 days old they just send you an automated email to say that they will close the ticket and mark it as solved, when it's clear nobody has ever looked at it.
  • Posted on 10 January 22 at 16:53
    I cant wait to hear about this game being "amazing" for the next 5 years
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 10 January 22 at 17:03, Edited on 10 January 22 at 17:03 by
    One thing that's been nice regarding the community here is that a solution I posted for the unbeatable achievement has already had over 900 upvotes which I haven't commonly seen so quickly, and thankful that it hasn't been spammed with downvotes for no real reason like some solutions receive. toast
  • ITS ALivExITS ALivEx401,371
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 17:57
    Glad it wasn't It takes two, as I am only one
    "Every argument you make has probably been debated into the ground, back up and down into it again" -Dr Doppelklick
  • IAmSAMU3LxIAmSAMU3Lx405,237
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 18:30
    Annoyed about Min, Meet, Max being glitchy but that’s really the only issue I’ve had with it. Love the game.
  • Cylon 118Cylon 118574,874
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 19:42
    Have just about finished fh4 as that was what i was playing all month instead of this one as i handnt yet and got all of it including dlcs very cheaply. Will still wait a little while for this one to release its inevitable dlcs and become a little cheaper itself as its still very expensive right now!
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong499,334
    Posted on 10 January 22 at 19:49
    I’ve been playing since launch and it has gotten better, stability wise. They have addressed defects as well, so I expect they’ll continue the polishing for some time yet.

    I didn’t post anything during the month but played the heck out of FH5. I went from not being able to complete most of the weekly tasks to being able to complete the vast majority (even the Trial most weeks, screw Hoonigan cars though).

    I’m not quite the “filthy causal” I described myself as a few weeks ago but I’m far from good. What really makes this game great is the community support. Without that it’d be too steep of a learning curve for most gamers I think.
  • BuckShotzNYCBuckShotzNYC1,052,367
    Posted on 12 January 22 at 18:50
    Game is Pretty Good, but too easy :D
    same .
  • ColdCutterColdCutter1,228,627
    Posted on 20 January 22 at 09:06
    shit game
  • nzsalamonnzsalamon159,740
    Posted on 20 January 22 at 13:36
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