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Endless Setlist

Fariko Lymp
Posted on 22 May 09 at 14:58
I'm stoked that I finally completed this today, it took just over 4 hours and I only failed once. music
Posted on 24 May 09 at 22:19
'gratz dude :D

need to get this one done :(
Posted on 25 May 09 at 17:00
Good job !

I remember when I did it, my friend couldn't pass ggaht on expert bass, it took like 15 tries to pass it XD
Posted on 25 May 09 at 19:34
I tried doing ES 2 on RB 2 last night (2am-5am) got to song 37 and couldnt do anymore....tiredness and delusion got to me
Posted on 06 June 09 at 20:38
xD Sorry if I've joined this one late ~~joined this site today yey!

T_T I'm not looking forward to doing this achievement, did Rock Band 2 before Rock Band 1. ((I'm glad they let you do it one player!!))
So now I've gotta lure some friends to help me out with this xD ~Dominos should do the trick~ At least the -no failing or pausing- achievement won't get me paranoid this time round!
-----Visions on Endless Setlist 2, Expert + attempting no fail was the scariest few minutes on the game!! ==Almost failed numerous times lol xD

--Apologies for the rambling. I haven't been on a forum in ages =3
Posted on 08 June 09 at 01:09
I did this with a friend a long while back. I played expert drums, he did expert guitar. We ran into a few hiccups toward the end (mainly run to the hills because my red pad didn't like being hit )

About half way through my wrist started hurting, but we went through (had to break after the first failed attempt at RttH because it hurt so bad.

We got through it though.

My wrist was killing me the whole next day. I couldn't hold a glass of water without pain. I had to go to lug baggage around the airport the next day.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 04 July 09 at 15:13
I remember when I done it, I made it whith 2 friends, so we played all on expert, guitar, bass and vocals, it took us like 11 hours because some songs were too difficult for me to sang them on expert, and now I can pass pretty easy thouse songs on expert. Two days after we beat it I finished vocal tour on expert. in less than 3 hours eheh. Nice experience.
Aeris Gainzbrah
Posted on 26 July 09 at 00:20
I did it with my brother. Me on expert vocals, him on expert bass. The only song we failed was (randomly) Gimme Shelter. Was just a daft slip up on my part, and he had no overdrive to bring me back and we failed out at 99%. Almost a perfect run wink
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