Game Discussion: Who's Your Daddy?!

Clogging the toliet

  • Morgoth545Morgoth5451,906,772
    Posted on 28 January 22 at 21:04
    How do you 'Clog the toliet' for the new achievement?
  • DavidTB78DavidTB78942,809
    Posted on 28 January 22 at 21:36
    Throw 5 things in the toilet,, flush and use the plunger.
  • JirodirJirodir288,429
    Posted on 28 January 22 at 22:21
    You can also make the baby jump in the toilet, flush and it'll clog.
  • Morgoth545Morgoth5451,906,772
    Posted on 29 January 22 at 15:30
    Cheers figured it out yesterday.
  • Posted on 14 February 22 at 21:39
    Not started this game yet. But reading this stuff making me laugh
    GT: Mike United 007
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