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Xbox sale round-up: February 1st, 2022

  • ITS ALivExITS ALivEx411,235
    Posted on 01 February 22 at 15:05
    Decent mix of Ass Creed
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  • butter chestbutter chest146,191
    Posted on 01 February 22 at 15:08
    SoulyDconte said:
    Finally some Ubisoft games are on sale. it's been years
  • Posted on 01 February 22 at 15:23
    Xbox sales arent like steam right ? they never do consistant catalogue-wide sales ? Games on sale on xbox not on sale for windows 10
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  • Posted on 01 February 22 at 15:44
    Skinfasst said:
    WanderingPlotor said:
    R3f1CuL said:
    Burty Jr said:
    Put ?? 360 ?? DLC ?? on ?? sale
    This toasttoast
    rockThisrockisrockwhat we want
    It roll does roll go on roll sale

    Or is it just the precise thing that YOU want that doesn't get reduced and you're too cheap to buy it and would rather just moan here? OK.
    Itwarningdoeswarningnotwarning. There is the odd sale that has a couple of 360 backwards compatible DLC. Nonbackwards compatible DLC almost never goes on sale, or at least is not listed here. I have to log in the the microsoft site to check individually in weeks when it looks like there mightbe on sale.

    So two issues:
    1. Non-backwards compatible DLC almost never goes on sale.
    2. When it does, TA almost never lists it.
  • Posted on 01 February 22 at 16:27
    Armstrong x360a said:
    Wait, an Ubisoft sale?!?? I was waiting all week for this!
  • King TrakxKing Trakx340,284
    Posted on 01 February 22 at 19:27
    I'm surprised at how many GOOD games have been on sale for $5 and less. 😍
  • King TrakxKing Trakx340,284
    Posted on 01 February 22 at 19:35
    Brenin Watson said:
    Splosion Man is free for some reason too
    It isn't showing as free for me. What country are you in?
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81612,808
    Posted on 01 February 22 at 20:01
    xXMalakian XVII said:
    Thank you for doing what I was too lazy to do, haha. The game looks pretty decent though... Hmmm.
    Yeah i bought it anyway cos i love turn-based RPG. Shame about the chevos though!
  • Petrie91Petrie91845,826
    Posted on 02 February 22 at 18:42
    Am I wrong in thinking smells of the Ubisoft subscription service coming to Xbox soon and them trying to grab some more cash before it does...? On sales twice in a few weeks...
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,097,468
    Posted on 03 February 22 at 01:44
    Another week to pass on, nothing I'm interested in that I don't already own.
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