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New weekly Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live for another 80 Microsoft Reward Points

  • Thief000Thief0001,082,935
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 17:04
  • AnokiAnoki802,095
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 17:05
    NICE! 2 just plays. Always like those kinds of weeks.
  • Reina WattReina Watt574,520
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 17:06
    Two Just Plays is fine with me, I didn't feel like playing Steep so didn't bother to do that challenge as I find the game rather soulless and dull. These two I can probably have done quickly which is fine with me.
    Why get a life when as a gamer you live more lives than you can manage
  • GrogsGrogs340,267
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 17:09
    I believe both are on Cloud too.
  • Posted on 15 February 22 at 17:53
    AI Somnium Files is an excellent game. Don't stop at just playing it, you should definitely finish it !
    There's no such thing as too much bacon !
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285736,068
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 18:48
    Both in cloud. Super score!
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,871
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 21:03
    Just took a look at AI: The Somnium Files. It’s categorized as a Visual Novel. It looks like it should also be a point & click game. In fact, the point & click characteristics appear to be stronger than the visual novel stylistic features.
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