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Xbox Game Pass: The easiest and fastest completions (July 2022)

  • Posted on 14 April 22 at 23:32
    NOTE: You do not have to delete your save data in Gorogoa if you miss the 500 moves or 30 minute achievements. You can simply start up Chapter 1 and play through the game again (even with all the chapters unlocked). You do not have to manipulate or delete your save data ever. I know this because I played through twice to get the above achievements (plus the missables) and had no issue.

    (I believe the original forum poster was confused about this)
  • medjaelanimedjaelani31,870
    Posted on 05 May 22 at 08:54
    Genesis Noir doesnt have an achievement on PC, at least on my gamepass.
  • e9ode9od220,316
    Posted on 16 May 22 at 01:43
    does anyone know of the discord server you have to join to get the achievements in DayZ? Im looking to 100% it.
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