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Xbox sale round-up April 26th, 2022

  • Julz D 01Julz D 01676,946
    Posted on 27 April 22 at 01:35
    I have never played a game in the Fatal Frame series. Picked up the one on this sale.
  • Vok 250Vok 250419,230
    Posted on 27 April 22 at 13:37
    Seems like we've gotten the same sale every week since 2021.
  • Goku BlackGoku Black3,507,539
    Posted on 27 April 22 at 16:30
    25 games for me
  • Posted on 28 April 22 at 02:23
    Went to buy Sid Meier's Pirates, as I played it on the Commodore 64 (a few years after the platform was obsolete) and loved it at the time. Logged into my microsoft account, and it says "Install To: You Own This" Hmmm. I guess I've had this thought before!
  • Posted on 28 April 22 at 04:44
    Non of the games I'm interested in buying seem to have gone on sale since 2022 started ;-; specifically Divinity original sin source saga and dark souls 3 deluxe bundle... (And yakuza kiwami for a good price)
  • Strider ZweiStrider Zwei357,231
    Posted on 30 April 22 at 01:06
    PistolMcAwesome said:
    Tales of Vesperia: DE for $10 is an absolute steal.
    One of these days I'll pick it up on a sale. I played the original 360 release to completion and preordered the PS4 Definitive Edition when that launched. Wouldn't mind triple dipping. Such a great game
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