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Xbox sale round-up May 24th, 2022

  • WebChimp UKWebChimp UK662,634
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:08
    Discounts on How to Survive 2, Black The Fall, Baja: Edge of Control HD, Ben 10, Grand Theft Auto V, Jurassic World Evolution, Mega Man X Legacy Collection and more

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  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n1,970,636
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:12
    We don't buy games on XB though.
  • Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:16
    Big sales on Xbox but it's pretty bad for Windows
  • GoyetteQCGoyetteQC1,221,660
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:24
    I'm guessing the theme of the sale is "unobtainable".
    Will you love me when there's nothing left to love?
  • Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:25
    Destroy All Humans for $20 is tempting but i think i will wait until it's about $10
  • Lily Mu RBLily Mu RB926,204
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:29
    Pretty good sale with a lot of games at their "lowest".

    Problem is, I already own them all...
  • Paw McCatneyPaw McCatney1,052,666
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:32
    The fact that I'm still torn on buying Agony at that price is making me think I really just don't want to play that game no matter how tempting it may be to check out.
    Hey, you! Pipe down!
  • Loch DounLoch Doun351,015
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:33
    I think I’ll finally bite on Alan Wake.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm642,090
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:42
    Loch Doun said:
    I think I’ll finally bite on Alan Wake.
    Can't go wrong--phenomenal game.
  • Aeragon IXAeragon IX627,212
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 00:45
    Anyone know what is up with Gods Will Fall - Valiant Edition? They seem to have removed from the actual store the The Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC, doesn't event look like people can redownload it.
  • ThexDaftxPunkThexDaftxPunk1,062,005
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:02
    My reminder to give Agony a chance...its far from how it released. I loved the game. A survival horror walking sim in hell for 1 dollar.
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong526,947
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:06
    For those who need an Action game for the May target, Oh My Godheads is one of the shortest completions that counts. I cannot promise the game is good (it probably blows), but it counts, is cheap, and is short.
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:06
    I’ve been waiting for LEGO Ninjago Movie Game to come on sale for ages….
  • Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:14
    Not interested in anything here aside from maybe "Mania", least I don’t have an excuse to not finish up "The New Order" this week and start grinding out my last achievement in "Unsouled" (god that is going to fucking suck).
    “Life is the universe experiencing itself.” - Spirit of Lord Opengate, "Death’s Door"
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,114,519
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:18
    Decent sale. Nothing here for me, though.
  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,786,059
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:18
    Thinking about getting sinking city this time around. Looks interesting.
    Crackdown 3!
  • atryeu1atryeu1423,202
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 01:42
    Wow, the 360 section just seemed to go on and on finally o.0 I'll have to look at this closer later as I just booted my game up again :P It looks like I'll have extra bandwidth for the month so maybe there's something I'd normally pass up for disc that's on sale again I can grab :D

    I agree, not much for PC but I have a few games I need to work through on here still anyway. I forgot I was going to maybe grab Subara City on the last sale though, anybody know when the previous sale ends for Pacific time, or did it end already?
  • iNaiaRiNaiaR115,089
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 02:00
    There's a lot of 360 games, which is good, but there's so many games that have never/rarely been on sale but we still get the same few rotated in every week.
  • Latinfla4Latinfla41,366,350
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 02:07
    Yay a 360 sale going to see what worthwhile👀
  • ijiekmotorsijiekmotors586,380
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 02:35
    Haven't finished browsing, just happy to see Agony that low. I wanted to pick it up, for morbid curiosity, but was too skint to pay £2.50ish last time it was on sale. I'll happily pick up any game less than a quid.
    RIP WP, thank you for giving me something to do in the hospital during one of the worst years of my life. If only I still had my old GT.
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