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Wishlist for TMNT:SR Devs.

    Posted on 17 June 22 at 08:13
    Either a Taunt [RB] cancel or Taunt [RB] speed up.
    For the love of pizza! Please give the player either an opportunity to cancel out of a Taunt or speed up the time to complete Taunts. Yes, the timing is part of the strategy, but locking the player with no option to cancel is proving more frustrating than clever.
  • Nimr0d87Nimr0d87701,747
    Posted on 19 June 22 at 09:45
    Show difficulty when joining lobbies in Arcade...
  • MarioBigodeMarioBigode160,952
    Posted on 19 June 22 at 11:11
    It takes time and your character is immobile because using a special attack doesn't give you any punishment as we can see in most beat'em up games.

    This is part of the challenge of the game, you have to master the use of taunt.
  • Posted on 19 June 22 at 12:28, Edited on 01 July 22 at 15:02 by Styles Plural
    Just completed the game. I think the game is good but not great. Game of the year candidate it's not. That award will likely go to Elden Ring it seems. This game is just far too derivative and lacks replay value. Despite it's colorful presentation and charm, Shredder's Revenge is basically just 16 stages of moving to the right. The only thing separating Story and Arcade is a level up system and some weak side quests that you can beat in less than 30 minutes of backtracking. The level variety is also lacking and I was never a fan of the hover boarding stages in this game. But for a little over $20, I probably shouldn't complain. The gameplay is indeed tight and responsive and you can't go wrong with couch co-op. However without any achievements left to unlock and with no one left to play with, I have zero desire to continue playing now. Anyways, here are some additions I'd like to potentially see via a patch, update or DLC add on:

    - The addition of a Versus Mode, Survival, Boss Rush, etc.
    - Remove the mandatory tutorial every time you select Story or Arcade (relegate it to the main menu only please!)
    - Extra characters from the TMNT lore
    - Sound design adjustments (I think the sound of hitting enemies could use more "crunch" like the original game. Also they should use the same sound effect from when you hit bosses in the original games. It was so satisfying!)
    - The sound mixing needs some fine tuning. I can hardly hear the music in some sections of the game.
    - Leonardo's super needs a slight buff. It's only a few frames and its attack box stinks.
    - Fix the online bugs such as characters turning invisible at the start of stages, ability to see difficulty, etc.
    - Give better incentives for racking high combos and for completing challenges (especially the no damage ones).

    The complaint on taunts is completely reasonable (in theory) but the mechanic is probably being used as the developers intended. You'll want to simply try to find a corner and time the taunt so that you don't get interrupted (or between waves of foes). I think the whole risk versus reward aspect of them works as intended. Don't forget, that you receive 1 free super move after each successful taunt. Being unable to cancel it is what makes you earn that free super. Though, if anything, perhaps they can give taunts a cool down period so that you can't spam them and also make it so they can only give you 1 super stock at most at a time.

    Like I said, I think it's a good game and I like it but it is indeed flawed despite everybody gushing over it. I think if it were a great game, I'd want to continue playing it but due to its lack of replayability, I wouldn't be surprised if the online is dead before the end of July. Crossplay may say otherwise.
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw669,153
    Posted on 23 June 22 at 08:18
    I don't have an issue with Leonard's Super. But I really didn't like the limited area of Splinter's Super. Barely used it in the end when working on his levels.
  • Posted on 23 June 22 at 19:21
    „How to play“ at the beginning of the game needs an off-switch under „Options“
  • ggallinftwggallinftw391,788
    Posted on 10 July 22 at 18:04
    Broken 'Complete Cast!' achievement should be fixed.
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