Game Discussion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Twice now my game was soft-locked because enemy off screen

  • Posted on 25 June 22 at 23:34
    Twice now i've had to quit out of a game because some enemy is just standing there somewhere off screen where I can't attack him and therefor cannot get the screen to scroll. Very disappointing.
  • Aura BattlerAura Battler760,502
    Posted on 26 June 22 at 01:47
    It sometimes happen, especially when you play online with other players...
  • AcaelusTAcaelusT379,259
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 03:27
    Confirmed. Happened to my crew today. The boss in stage 10, twice he teleports or dogs himself underground and never comes back :(
    Just point me in direction of danger!
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